Saturday, 5 March 2016

Simple Candle Co. Review

Hello Jemples I hope you are all doing well on this very cold British evening. Snow in spring who would've thought of it! So whilst I sit here writing this review for you all today I am surrounded by the most amazing aroma, if only you guys could smell what I can currently smell. In my room to the right I've got an electric wax melt burner switched on and in it is the most amazing smelling wax melt I have ever smelt. If you would like to know what this smell is exactly then please carry on reading...

Simple Candle Co. is a company that I was instantly drawn to because like a lot of other companies I have had the fortune of reviewing, this company originally started out at their home. I don't know about you guys but I am a sucker for any home-grown companies because I feel like the experience they offer is full of love and really good products. What makes simple candle co different to standard candles and wax melts is that they are made from 100% soy wax  which 'mixes better with fragrance oils and results in a less artificial scent .' Not only this but all of the products are handmade in Britain from the pouring to the fragrances everything is done by hand and they ensure that all of their products have a maximum fragrance ratio which means you are not losing out on even 1% of fragrance!  Pretty cool right?

So what did I think of these wax melts? These wax melts are amazing I seriously have not come across any wax melt  which comes close to this. The difference between Simple Candle wax melts and other well known brands is the variety of fragrances, each of these fragrances smell divine and provide a different atmosphere whilst they are burning. So if you are looking for a relaxing scent or an uplifting one I guarantee you will find one here. Not only this the way these melts are packaged are so cute, I love the fact that the melts are pure white and the packaging too and if you opt to buy a monthly subscription box for just £10 (8 melts) they come in a very convenient slim cardboard box which makes it very easy for them to fit through your letter box. 

These melts burn for the longest of time, I've literally had the same one burning for around 2 months and the fragrance is just the same as when I burnt it the first time! You can also get a lot of use out of these by either cutting them in half or quarters if you want a more subtle smell or if you feel like mixing them up and also use them in either an electric wax burner or an oil warmer (I personally use an electric one). My personal favourites out of the 8 would have to be Melon & Cucumber, Patchouli & Cardamom and Beach Dreams!

Well Jemples that's the end of the post, I really hope you liked this review and if you want to try out any of these products then please visit the Simple Candle Co. website. If you have tried their products and are in love with any of the fragrances that I haven't tried then please comment below I would love to know!

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Jemima xx

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