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Hair Loss! Arghhh!!

Hi Jemples and welcome to another post, now this post has been requested by quite a few people and I've had it on my list of things to do for quite a while, so I thought before most of these posts become slightly more Ramadhan based (Eeeep its Ramadhan tomorrow!!) I might as well have an energy drink and gear up, so I can finally fulfil this request. Now I've gotta admit I actually don't have much of a problem with hair loss, I mean they occasionally fall (that's quite natural right?) but I know some people have a really bad problem with hair loss and get really frustrated especially because most of these shelf bought products don't really work! So this post will tell you some ways through oils and natural remedies to reduce hair loss (I've also gotta admit not all of this is from personal knowledge or experience some of it is though, the rest was all down to our beloved Google!!)

Ok so after researching for quite a long time, I've finally found 4 herbal oils that are guaranteed to do the job (well I hope they do anyways). Nearly all of these oils can be purchased from supermarkets and are really quite affordable in terms of price. OLIVE OIL: Olive oil is probably one of the best oils to stimulate hair growth as well as conditioning the hair to stop hair loss. It's pretty effective when compared to other oils and one of the main plus points is that you'll probably find this lying around your house so you don't need to go out to purchase some and if you do need to it's pretty cheap, so it won't burn a whole in your pocket! By using extra virgin olive oil your hair receives extra nourishment due to the high levels of Vitamin E. Olive oil also contains anti bacterial elements which help to destroy bacteria in your scalp because of which you get new healthy hair!  One of the best ways to use olive oil is to warm a small amount and apply rather vigorously to the scalp and the tips of the hair. Applying it 1 or 2 hours before shampooing works wonders.
2. ALMOND OIL: A small disclaimer if you're allergic to nuts (like me) then you should probably skip this oil and use another one I've listed instead. By regularly massaging the hair with almond oil you'll notice that your hair becomes not just healthy but a lot more thicker and shiny and even helps it to grow a lot faster. As well as containing a higher number of Vitamins it also contains high levels of magnesium and calcium which all help to condition your hair so it doesn't stay dry and brittle and doesn't break. A really good brand to use is the Vatika almond oil and works best my leaving it overnight. 
 3. COCONUT OIL: Now this oil is contains the highest levels of moisture retaining capacity, which basically means that your hair will with this oil stay conditioned for a lot longer. It also is a really good cleanser as it contains lauric acid that helps to penetrate any bacteria you might have lurking around in your scalp. You can warm a small amount and apply to the scalp everyday. And if you'd rather not apply soo much oil to the hair you can use a coconut oil mist (the picture on the right) which you can easily spray everyday!! (click on the picture for the link) 4. CASTOR OIL: This probably has to be the most hyped about oils particularly when talking about hair. I know many people have tried this out and said it doesn't really work and I completely understand because as well as containing vitamin E, anti-oxidants and anti fungal properties it actually thins out the hair. So you've gotta be a bit careful when applying this oil as it's consistency is rather thick because of which people can tend to over apply the product. I would suggest that you should probably thin it out by mixing in a small amount of olive or coconut oil and then applying. By doing this you'll notice that you'll get quite a high glossy finish and not an overly greasy one. Castor oil also works miracles for over plucked and thin eyebrows! The only downside to this is you won't be able to find it in supermarkets (particularly in England) that easily so you may have to order it off amazon. I've put all the links on each picture so to find out where to buy the products just click the pictures.



Now I've found all of these home remedies on this wonderful site
so do check it out for extra detail, but I'm going to list some of the ingredients and how to use them.
  • ONION & GARLIC: Chop the onion into fine pieces and squeeze the juice out. Apply to the scalp and leave on for about 15 minutes; then rinse with a mild shampoo. Crush a few cloves of garlic, add in a little coconut oil and boil for a few minutes. When this mix cools down to feel warm to the touch, apply it on the scalp with a little massaging action. Repeat this treatment two to three times a week for best results.
  • COCONUT: Grate coconut and squeeze out the milk by mixing in a little water. Apply this to the specific area where you notice thinning or balding. Allow to stay overnight and the next morning, rinse off with water.
  • EGG: Take the white of one egg and mix in a teaspoon of olive oil. Beat to give a paste-like consistency and apply to the entire scalp and hair. Keep it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water and a mild shampoo.
  • A really good egg shampoo to use is the Vatika Egg Protein Shampoo particularly for those who don't want to apply egg directly onto the hair or don't like the smell of it. (click the image for the link)
So Jemples that is the end  of my post, I really hope that these products work on your hair, particularly those who have a real bad problem with hair loss. Please do comment or email for any suggestions, I will try my utmost best to complete all requests. OOOHH!! before I go let me just share a good news with you I've reached 1000 VIEWS!! For all of those who are reading this post thank you soo much your support has been really amazing, especially because it's only been a week and I've reached 1000 views!! It's really unbelievable! Your support has defo encouraged me to write more posts! (Insha'Allah) And from tomorrow you can tune into my daily Ramadhan diaries where I will be sharing my personal experiences, some tips and a few recipes now and then. Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples!!

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