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Ek Villain: Movie review


Hi Jemples hope your all well, as you probably know that when I started this blog I said that the USP of this blog was it's versatility and the fact that it basically includes anything and everything. I also said that I would be doing a few film and music reviews here and there (mainly Bollywood). So this post is about a newly released Bollywood movie (just released today). I actually wasn't feeling well at all today and was debating to myself whether to do a blog post today or not but I finally decided to sit down and write it just because I'm so excited to tell you all about this film. Ooh before I start let me just tell those who aren't familiar with the Hindi language that the title translated (in English) is One Villain. So this film was released today worldwide and I was lucky enough to go to the first day first showing!! (Eeeek exciting right!) Anyways one of the main reasons why I wanted to go was due to the mad hype about this film, I mean the trailer was absolutely epic and generated a level of suspense as to who is actually the villain in this film. Despite many spoilers being leaked none of them (before the release of the film) were true thank God! The actors in this film, the director and the music were just the perfect combination which made me want to watch the film even more. So did the film do justice to all the hype surrounding it? and was it worth watching? Well read on to find out...

Again before I start let me just say that your all going to have to bare with me because I've just realized how hard it is to right a review about a film without giving the whole story away (I literally just wrote 2 paragraphs and deleted them because I gave a bit too much away! Ok I've taken a breather and now its take 2! Hopefully this takes a lot better!) I'm going to start out with outlining the plot as simply and without giving too much away. The story of Ek Villain revolves around 3 characters: Guru (Siddharth Malhotra), Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor), Rakesh (Ritesh Deshmukh), The story starts with a very bubbly introduction of Aisha who is very jubilant, lively and loves to crack jokes (which are quite predictable at times but funny). Upon Aisha reaching home we find out that she is madly in love with a guy called Guru (we don't know who he is and what relationship he has with Aisha at that point in time). Aisha is extremely happy that Guru has passed the interview for the job and is about to tell him another good news when the Villain enters. He enters with a long black robe and with a hood that covers most of his face (so we can't really see who he is) and within 5 minutes of the film the lead heroine is killed by this villain. The atmosphere almost suddenly changes from jubilant to dark and dismal, the aura of the film is now also changed from a passionate love story to a story about sadism and revenge. The film then travels to Guru who is lighting Aisha's pyre all seems good until a police officer informs his co-workers that the reason why the CID is so involved in this case is not because a girl has died but because the girl that has died is Guru's life. He also tells them that it is utmost necessary that the police find the killer before Guru has a chance to take revenge because once he starts to take revenge no-one on Earth will be able to stay alive. This is when the story returns to flashback of a cold and ruthless Guru who thrives off the blood of those that he kills. I've gotta say Siddharth Malhotra's acting is absolutely superb, he plays the transition from a villain (as Aisha calls him) to a normal person (Aisha's love makes him) to a villain again (for Aisha's revenge) completely effortlessly. I mean there is not one point in the film where you will doubt his acting capabilities and where you are able to tell that he is acting, that's how seamlessly he blends into his character.
A main portion of the film is the flashbacks of both Guru's and Aisha's past and how they fall in love and how Aisha's love provides him with light in his dark life. Aisha has a diary that contains all the wishes that she wants to complete in her life which Guru helps her to complete. How does such a ruthless guy find time out his sadistic schedule to help a normal girl? Well you've gotta watch the film to find out! Rakesh is introduced, just like Guru, as an obsessive lover who is seriously in love with his wife Sulochana (played by Aamna Sharif). However Sulochana doesn't appreciate his love and instead believes that she is cursed because God gave her such a useless and simple husband. Rakesh only longs for his wife's love because of which he can go to any extent (even killing innocent people). So how does all this connect? How do Guru and Rakesh meet? Who killed Aisha and why? Who is the real villain Rakesh or Guru? Well you've gotta watch it to find out!! (Sorry)
So why should you watch this film well I've got 5 reasons:

  1. The actors: Every single actor does justice to their role and is hard to find faults in any one of their performances. For both Siddharth and Ritesh it is the first time that their playing such a negative role. Just like Siddharth, Ritesh blends effortlessly into his negative character (I know Ritesh he's not only good for comedy you know!) and I mean it's seriously hard to pick a favourite out of the two! Shraddha plays her role rather believably.
  2. The story: I know many of you are probably thinking it's another typical Bollywood movie, a love hate relationship, a hero a heroine and a villain. But it's the take on the word Villain that will leave you mesmerised and longing for more. The suspense throughout the film will leave you often in awe and surprise (I mean there was a time I nearly fell off my seat!)
  3. The emotion: As well as the story revolving around the whole concept of revenge, the emotion in this film will leave you in awe. Mohit Suri (director) really captures the emotion of each protagonist whether it's the infinite love of Aisha and Guru, the extent they all are able to go for their love, the value of life, the reasons behind the revenge, the painful childhood of Siddharth and many other reasons. Believe me the film will make you cry in parts (I did and practically half the cinema did!)
  4. The songs: Obviously a Mohit Suri film will not be complete without it's epic songs and this film is no exception. Your probably all familiar with the popular tracks of this film: Galliyan, Banjaara..... But the reasons with these songs make the film even more special is the fact that the lyrics are symbolic of the state of the chracters (ooh I forgot to mention symbolism plays a huge part in this film there will even be parts where you'll be like how the hell did they remember to link that!) and the characterisation of these songs are simply spellbinding.
  5. The action: And finally the action of this film, now I'm not really a fan of action films I'm more the Shahrukh Khan romantic types but the action within this film was well balanced and wasn't unnecessary. You know when you get those films where a random car blows up for no reason! This film isn't one of those instead the action is carefully balanced and is necessary for the revenge element of the film. Ooh a quick disclaimer some of the scenes in this film are quite gory and scary (even the use of smiley faces at times), I mean Rakesh kills his victims with a red screwdriver! (please no one put a red screwdriver in front of me!)

So guys that wraps up my review! I hope you enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend this film to everyone, it's even a film that you can watch with the family. The suspense, action and love in this film are absolutely tantalizing and will definitely keep you gripped. The film is ended well, which is a definite plus point. The only flaw that I can probably point out is that it's only a one-time film you would probably only be able to watch it the once. If you decide to watch this film definitely let me know how you found and comment down below if you would like to see more of these types of reviews.
My rating of Ek Villain: 4/5 :)

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