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What's in my Everyday Makeup bag

What's in my Everyday Make-up Bag
Hey Jemples I'm back with yet another post the What's in my Everyday Make-up Bag post, as you can probably tell by the title this post is all about my make-up bag and what's inside it (pretty self explanatory right?) Before I start the post let me just tell you how today I suffered from the dreaded writer's block (dramatic sound) in fact it was so bad that this post was supposed to be something entirely different but now well it isn't, so I hope you enjoy this post regardless. As well as telling you what's in my make-up bag I'm also going to do a mini-review of some of the products inside and link most of the products, so if you like something just click on the picture! (It's as simple as that!) BTW these products (mainly drugstore) are what I wear everyday so don't expect really high end products (ain't nobody got time for that!)

So I'll start my showing you all my make-up bag that I very recently purchased from Primark which BTW I am totally in love with!! If I'm really honest I haven't been a fan of make-up bags until I came across this one. I mean Minnie Mouse and make-up together Yes Please!! Priced at just £3 this is a bargain especially considering the quality, the waterproof material which is simple to wipe down and the size.

One of the most important things in my make-up bag is my BB Cream (I use the medium shade) which I would say has a light to medium coverage and is simply perfect for summer (it has an SPF of 15)! It doesn't give that caked on look (we all love Not!) but instead blends into the skin really well. This particular BB Cream is one by Olay who has collaborated with Max Factor to make a product that doesn't just cover up any blemishes but takes care of the skin too. I also like to apply this with a stippling brush to get rid of any streaks and even out the complexion further. Priced at just £9.99 this is definitely an essential in your make-up bag!

Two of my MOST (I can't stress how important these are) are my eyebrow pencils. I actually use two products on my brows. The first is MUA's eyebrow pencil in brunette which I only use to enhance the shape of my brows, my tracing around the top of my brows. Because this is a waxy textured pencil its glides on effortlessly, the only downside is that it rubs off really easily which is why I don't just specifically use this all over my brows. But priced at just £1 this is a must!


My second and more used brow pencil is Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in shade 004 Black/Brown. This is less waxy and is probably the most nearest shade to my natural brows, I use this to extend the length of my brows. It stays on all day (well all of my day) and again priced at £2.99 is a definite must.

Another essential (wow I gotta admit most of these products are essential I may need to buy me a life!) is my collection of eyeliners. I actually use 3 eyeliners on a daily basis (I know what you're thinking panda eyes alert!). The first is my most used the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in black which as the website says is Easy application in one fast stroke! Long lasting all-day colour (ok maybe they've exaggerated a bit you do need to do a bit more than one stroke) but it really does last all day and has the perfect tip to do any style eyeliner. Why I personally like this compared to other liquid liners is the applicator is sturdy and small, perfect to control!


The other 2 eyeliners that I use are mainly for tight lining and the water line. I use the Collection 2000 supersoft kohl pencil eyeliner in Black Magic to tight line my upper water line which will not budge and has the most intense colour. As far as I know is discontinued on line but you may still be able to find some in stores (lucky I stocked up!)
The eyeliner I use on my lower water line is the Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Kohl liner in the shade nude. I actually only started to use this a few months ago to give a bright and wide eyed look which looks amazing particularly in Spring/Summer. However I've gotta say personally for me this isn't ideal, even though it claims to be waterproof it does budge off my water line and I find that I have to re apply (good job its nude otherwise I'd defo have panda eyes!)



The next product is my all time favourite blusher in the world! OMG this has to be the most natural looking shade ever and will look amazing on all skin tones. Apply one stroke of this with a blusher brush and your good to go that's how crazy super pigmented it is. MUA blusher in shade Lolly is a definite essential for all those looking for a very natural and more peachy toned blush for everyday summer use.


The next product is the Cosmopolitan maximum effect Eyelash curler which essentially curls your lashes. This is a must for me especially because I don't really like to apply mascara (clumpy lashes please stay away from me!). I can honestly tell the difference when I use and don't use this lash curler, again this is perfect for summer or a no make-up day!
 And finally (drumroll) are my lip balms, two of my absolute faves are the Vaseline Lip Therapy Limited Edition 2013 Paint The Town (which has a sheer red tint) and the Miss Sporty Doctor Balm in shade 01 (a very pearly pink). These are perfect to quickly apply everyday.

So guys I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was quite long and I hope you find some inspiration from this post especially as most of the products listed are perfect for summer use. Please do leave a comment because it lets me know what kinds of posts you enjoy and how many of you are liking my posts. Spread the word & bye bye until next time Jemples!!

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