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Ramadhan Preparation & Tips

Ramadhan Tips and Preparation!
Hi Jemples I'm back with another post (Gosh I really need to come up with a better and more original opening) anyhoo this post is definitely different but can be very useful especially considering the time of year. Yes it's nearly Ramadhan!! And if you're like me and probably most of people out their your pretty excited, oh what the hey you're really excited!! Ramadhan is that blessed time of year where all Muslims are able to give up attachments whether they're physical or mental (including food and drink) for one whole month (dawn until dusk) to reconnect with the Almighty. It's also the time of year where we're able to reflect upon everything and make a pact to ourselves that the next year will be full of changes (if needed) and an all over happy year. One of the main purposes of the month of Ramadhan is to really consider the poor and realise how they live, by doing this we're able to implement small or big changes into our lives. They can be as small as smiling at a homeless person or as big as donating food to the Mosque or to homeless shelters so as you can probably tell Ramadhan also reminds us to give to others and to not always expect anything in return.
Well I think that's enough explaining about Ramadhan and now maybe I should explain what this post is about and where it was inspired from. Now if you're like me a big time blog addict! You would've probably noticed that quite a lot of bloggers are writing their versions of Ramadhan prep, now I would be lying if I said that I'm totally not inspired by them ( I am a teeny weeny bit) but I'm mostly inspired by cleaning. Yes cleaning don't worry you didn't just hallucinate I did say cleaning! Now you also may be wondering that why is the post late and not as long winded, again it's because I was due for my dose of cleaning,  I'm not talking small cleaning (like hovering) oh no but I'm talking about the BIG DADDY of cleaning, moving the furniture cleaning, cleaning out the cupboards, throwing out cleaning, basically cleaning out anything and everything in the place that is home. Ah home sweet home why is it that you require so much attention! So the whole reason behind mission cleaning was in fact Ramadhan, now I know that many people like to clean their houses before the month of Ramadhan including me. Ramadhan cleanses an individual physically, spiritually and mentally so a good starting point is definitely by cleaning (preparation tip 1)
Preparation tip number 2 is all about Cooking. Now we all know how important Iftaar (time when the fast is opened) is to our rumbling stomachs so that's why this next tip is really important. I know many women find it difficult to stand in the kitchen especially whilst they are fasting and in the heat, hopefully these tips will make it easier for anyone who cooks especially during Ramadhan:
  • Plan ahead especially when deciding what food to make at Iftaar, in fact it may be wise to even draw out a menu for Ramadhan beforehand (to save both time and confusion). You can also draw up a timetable to allocate times so it is easier to decide whose turn it is to cook. This will reduce the pressure especially on mums after all Ramadhan is a time to help others!
  • Chop & Freeze core ingredients such as onions, garlic, carrots well in advance to again save time (you won't need to visit the shops as often). You can even buy meat and freeze.
  • Blend any spices and pre make any dry ingredients & store in any labelled containers.
Preparation tip number 3: Make-up. I know what your all probably thinking at this moment makeup and that too in Ramadhan OMG what the hell is she talking about! Well before jumping to any conclusions let me explain, now it is permissible to wear make-up in Ramadhan as long as it is taken off when performing ablution (Wudhu). Despite this many people including me like to wear slightly less make-up and completely avoid any lip products, so it might be useful for you to start to wear less make-up in advance. This will help you get used to the fact that you're wearing less make-up or none at all. Simple or minimal make-up looks the best particularly at this time of year, as you should make the most of your time.
Preparation tip number 4: A place to pray. It may be useful if you clean up a section of your house daily and use it especially for prayer. Find a quiet place away from any distractions and use it as a place to pray Salah or read the Qur'an.
Preparation tip number 5: Eid! Now we can't ignore the fact that once completing Ramadhan a celebration is much deserved!! That celebration is Eid yayyy!! It may be wise to purchase Eid clothes or to do any other preparation well before to avoid shopping in the heat and the rush and so that is possible to dedicate all of your time to prayer and reflection.
Now that the preparation tips are over I'm going to share some Ramadhan tips that can be applied whilst fasting. If many of you reading are like me and from the United Kingdom you probably already know that the fasts this year are extremely long (20.5 hours to be exact) and that British weather has struck yet again. Yes how we all wish that Britain will bask, just like may other countries in the world, in pools of sunshine and now that it's happen we're just like really you had to be hot especially at the time of Ramadhan! WTH weather man are you like seriously blind or something! I mean it's hot and I have to keep one of the longest fasts in the world! I know we all feel like that but hopefully these tips will help to make your fast slightly less physically enduring (Insha'Allah).
 Tip number 1: STAY HYDRATED! I can't emphasise this point enough, it is really important to keep your body hydrated so that it doesn't de-hydrate:
  • Drink plenty of Water: Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, this can be split evenly in the morning (Sehri) and in the evening (Iftaar).
  • Drink plenty of fruit juices and eat fresh fruits such as watermelons.
  • Avoid spicy and/or fried foods as these tend to make you thirsty a lot more.
  • Don't add salt to foods & avoid salty foods like pickles or fish as these again make you feel more thirsty.
  • Water should also be drunk in small quantities rather during meals rather than in large quantities as this will help you to drink a lot more water.
Tip number 2: Qur'an. During Ramadhan the Holy Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) so this is why many Muslims make it a special effort to finish reading the whole Qur'an during this month. To make it easier to complete read a few pages after every Namaaz(prayer).
Tip number 3: Forgive. And finally Ramadhan is also a month of forgiveness, we all ask for forgiveness from the Almighty so we should also make a special effort to forgive those we aren't talking to and try to make up with anyone who you might have fought with.
So everyone I hope you liked this post and found some useful tips to help you this Ramadhan. Insha'Allah this Ramadhan proves to be a beneficial time for all of the Muslim Ummah. Please remember me and my family in your dua's (prayers). BTW I am planning on doing daily Ramadhan diaries to share my experiences, recipes and tips.
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