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Makeup Revolution London: Day to night palette...

Helllooooo Jemples and welcome yet again to another post this one is probably more of my forte another makeup review!! Yayyyy!! I know a lot of people like my reviews and well to be honest I find them very interesting to do. Now before I start this review let me just clear a misunderstanding that a lot of people have had regarding these reviews that I'm getting paid to say good things about all of these products. Let me just back you up a few steps and tell you that I'm not getting paid at all! In fact I'm not getting paid even a penny to do any of this nada zilch zero! This blog like I've mentioned before is a hobby that I enjoy doing and all of these products are purchased with my own money. Soo now that that's clear I hope you all will understand that I try to give my honest opinion on a lot of products and just because it's a good opinion most of the time it doesn't mean it will always be a good one. Pheww!! Disclaimer and long rant over let's get back to this post.

So this post is a review of a brand that I've wanted to try for a really long time. I remember reading about Makeup Revolution on the internet a long time ago and reading endless reviews it was safe to place a bet that it was actually a good budget brand that was more along the lines of MUA. So I knew that it was automatically going to be a hit for me! The whole reason why I didn't purchase any of this brand before was just because it meant that I had to purchase online and like I've mentioned before I don't really purchase online so it meant that it had to wait until it hit the stores. And just a couple of days ago I went to Superdrug not really expecting or looking for anything, the funny thing is that I actually walked past the whole stand of Makeup Revolution and didn't realise until I saw one of their products in another persons hand. Trust me I literally ran towards the stand and like a lot of budget brands quite a bit of things were sold out including this palette. So I took quite a long time to swatch everything on the stand and to make a decision as to what it was I wanted. Between me and you I really wanted to buy the whole stand and I wish I could! Then I sent my sister a couple of days later to see if the palettes were in stock and heyy hoo they finally were! I actually bought 2 palettes including this one but I decided to review this one today because I'm hoping to create a make-up look using this product in the next couple of days so defo keep an eye out for that!

Ok now finally after that huge story let me get to the point. So this palette is called the day to night palette and it contains 12 shades and retails at £4.00. All the shades in this palette are shimmery some more than others particularly the darker shades. There's quite an obvious split in the shades I mean it's pretty obvious to tell which shades are allocated to the day and which shades to the night. I'd say the split is quite even with 6 being day shades and 6 being night shades. The packaging is quite similar to MUA the fact that it has a clear window so you can see all the colours without having to open it up and it comes with a double ended sponge applicator. Gosh I hate those things! The brand name I'd have to say is one of the best things about the product it's written in gold and the font and the whole style is very elegant and chic. These shades unfortunately have no names so I just kinda made them up in the image below just to make it easier for you all to match the shade to the name.

So now to the actual shades and their pigmentation. I honestly would have to say that the pigmentation really varies according to the shades. The darker shades definitely are a lot more pigmented than the lighter shades and the most vibrant and pigmented shade in this palette would have to be the turquoise colour at the top of the palette. That honestly has to be the reason why I bought the palette and I'm seriously so impressed! I think that even though you need to build up the colour by applying some layers of the same colour for it to really show through the palette is well worth your money. The colours have been really thought through you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into choosing the perfect colours for this palette and they are literally colours that you'd have trouble finding separately. I mean I've looked for a lot of these colours on their own but they are seriously hard to find especially colours like navy or royal blue. You can create endless looks with this palette and I can't wait to try it out. The downside is that you may have to invest in a good primer for the colours to really pop and last long but you honestly can't complain I mean it's only £4! The colours cater for everyone and will compliment every skin tone so with that said I'm gonna end this post right here. I hope you found this review useful and you're just as excited as me to try out this product and all the other products from this amazing budget beauty brand! And I'll catch you all in my next post pretty soon where I promise to create a make-up look using this exact palette. So like always please comment and share and feel free to contact me at for any suggestions or questions and I promise to get back to you. Bye bye for now Jemples x

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