Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Personalise your folder!


Heyyy Jemples and welcome back to another post but this one like I promised is nothing to do with make-up or beauty whatsoever instead it's a DIY post! Before starting this post I just want to thank all of you a million and fifty times for you're immense support! It's been totally surreal as I've mentioned many times before this started off as a hobby and now it's reached the point where it's totally unbelievable to even think that I'm getting so much support from everyone around the world. So why the hell am I saying this it's because my blog and it's contents are now visible on google upon searching. A special mention to NabiilaBee who without doubt has to be one of the sweetest people ever she without even giving it a second thought shared my blog on her facebook page which means so much to me! I wanna thank you all for constantly spreading the word and I know you'll continue to do so. Lots of love x
Anyhow back to the post now this post was actually inspired by the A levels result day which took place just last Thursday I really hope all of you got what you expected or even if you didn't are happy with the unexpected twists and turns that life has presented to you. I actually got into the university of my choice to study Law which has been my dream for such a long time so I was so happy that I did exceptionally well. It was all the result of sincere hard work that led me to come third in my entire college! I know it still hasn't sunk in! So ever since I found out I was going to uni in October there's only been one thing on my mind which is stationery shopping!! I'll have to tell you all about what I bought but in another post really soon but one of the things I did buy was this plain lime green folder. It so happened that I was cleaning out all my jewellery yesterday and all the little broken bits and bobs actually gave me the idea to decorate my folder just so it's a lot more personal to me. So I sat down today to decorate and I thought it would be really cool to share my design process with all you guys! There's nothing better than starting school, college or university with personalised things.....
STEP 1: Start off by gathering all the things you need. I chose a lime green folder to personalise you obviously can choose whatever colour you like! I placed a newspaper on the floor just to stop it from getting dirty and on top of it I placed all the things I needed: scissors, glue (strong glue and normal clear glue), a beauty magazine (so I could cut out things that I like to stick on my folder) and some broken pieces of jewellery and beads to stick on the folder too (again this is completely optional but I love bling so it kinda became necessary for me!)
STEP 2: Cut out all the things you want so they're ready to stick onto the folder. I cut out quotes, pictures of makeup, perfumes, brushes and basically everything I enjoy. Obviously you can cut out whatever you like and can even go one step further by cutting out pieces of different coloured cards or left over wrapping paper. The key to this is to use up whatever you have lying about the house.
STEP 3: Arrange and stick down. I found that the easiest way to do this was to arrange a small section and then stick it down it'll be a lot harder if you arrange everything and then try to stick them down all together small sections work much better. To stick down use pva or a normal clear glue and not a glue stick because it won't stick down that easily.
STEP 4: Add the bling! So this is completely optional and if you don't like bling you can always use other things to stick on top. Felt stars, beads the possibilities are seriously endless. To make sure these stayed and didn't budge I used a much stronger glue! You don't want pieces of bling falling off whilst you walk!
STEP 5: Let it dry! Leave it to dry overnight and cover it with some clear film and you're good to go! Voila you're personalised and unique folder is ready!
And that's the end of this post! I can seriously say that this was a lot of fun to make and the different types of designs you're able to make are completely endless. I loved making this and I'm sure you guys will love it too! Like always please comment and share it would be much appreciated. And if you do decide to personalise your folder I'd love to see it. Until next time bye bye Jemples! x

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