Thursday, 8 January 2015


Hellooo Jemples!! Before starting this post I firstly have to wish you a very overdue happy new year!! I hope you had an amazing 2014 and you'll have an even better 2015. So today's post is about something that I cannot live without at the moment and that is highlighters. And with sooo many highlighters on the market a girl can never have enough (well I certainly can't!) So in today's post I've narrowed it down to two of my favourite highlighters that are pretty affordable as well...

The first highlighter is one of my absolute favs I actually tend to wear this one nearly everyday. The MUA undress your skin highlighter this is the pinky peachy toned highlighter (I think there's another shade which is slightly more gold in colour). I've been using this highlighter for about 2 years now and I remember when I first heard about this highlighter I knew I had to get my hands on it but wherever I was looking I literally could not find it! But when it finally came I was defo not disappointed in the slightest way. The consistency and the overall pigmentation of this product is really good and it literally will not budge all day long guaranteed. It's really easy to apply I actually use my fingers and can be used either everyday or for special occasions. It gives a really nice radiant glow one of those glows that looks like it comes from within. And for £3.00 you really cannot go wrong it is available either in Superdrug or the MUA website.

The second is the Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer now this is completely different to the first highlighter in a number of ways. First this is a goldy kind of shade which means as well as highlighting it also provides a bronzing kind of effect in the sense that it makes your skin look quite tanned (this is esp the case for more olive toned complexions). Second instead of a powder it is a liquid highlighter which means it lasts even longer than the first highlighter making it perfect to wear on a special occasion or a night out (I prefer using this then rather than everyday) it also means it requires a lot more effort to apply you have to really apply this carefully and with precision, so it's defo a bad point if you're really in a hurry! But overall I love this product and when I wear this it's really apparent I've got a glow!
So Jemples I end this post here thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you all in my next post like always take care and stay tuned x
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