Thursday, 15 January 2015

Coleen Makeup Brushes

Hellooo Jemples and welcome back to another post. So I'm going to put my hands up and admit that I may have just a slight teeny weeny problem (*guilty face) it's nothing major it's just that I am completely obsessed with makeup brushes! Yes obsessed! I don't know why but I feel like whenever I see any type of makeup brush in reality or online I just feel like I need it and when I feel like that 99.9999% of the chance I do buy it without thinking if I really need it or without thinking if I've got the same style brush at home. So anyways this time I was looking online just casually browsing on I actually was browsing for something completely different I honestly don't know how I managed to steer into the makeup category but I did. And when I did I stumbled across these makeup brushes which happened to be half price they were originally priced at £14 and tbh I didn't really pay much attention until I saw the ratings and the reviews that everyone had posted which were honestly very positive in fact a lot of people even rated this product 5* so what did I think of this product well stay tuned to find out....

So this product comes in a gift box like the picture above and contains 8 different brushes (below)
Which all slot very nicely into this mould. You get (left to right) a dense brush which you could either use as a powder brush or a blush brush, an angled contour brush, and eyebrow/eyelash groomer, a fluffy blending brush (defo has to be my fav brush out of all 8!), a shader brush although it looks flat it does kind of have a tapered edge so it would be perfect for precision, a flat definer brush perfect for putting shadows under the eyes, a pencil brush this is perfect for adding definition as well as precise blending and finally a really thin brush which I honestly don't know what to call but it's one of those that you'd use for applying gel liner or even liquid glitter.
Oooh you also get a travel pouch to put the brushes and keep them safe whilst travelling. I've gotta see this is pretty stylish!
  1. Number 1 would definitely have to be the packaging it just adds a whole other luxurious feel to the product.
  2. The variety, the variety of brushes in this product are amazing you don't get the typical brushes instead you get brushes that you can use diversely honestly if you have this product you don't really need to buy any other brushes.
  3. The quality, OMG I am obsessed with how soft these brushes are, they don't leave any strays and apply the product beautifully.
  4. The price, I honestly would buy this product for full price but you seriously can't go wrong with it being less price at the moment. click on the link here to take you straight to the product
  1. The eyebrow groomer, I honestly would have preferred a spooly instead.
  2. The colour, although white is a beautiful colour for makeup brushes it isn't ideal it means you'll defo need to maintain these a little better.
So Jemples I end my post here I hope you liked this mini review and if you do try these brushes I would love to know how you find them. Like always please show your love my commenting, sharing, liking my facebook page and also following me on bloglovin or through google plus. And I'll catch you all soon in my next post bye bye for now Jemples xx

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