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My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Hellooo Jemples hope you're all doing really well, it's Jemima here and welcome to todays post. For todays post I thought, since we are moving into a new season, it would be good for me to explore the theme of makeup and not any old makeup, I'm talking lipsticks MAC Lipsticks. If you're a MAC fanatic like me then its probably likely that you like me have a few favourite shades. Who am I kidding they're all my favourite but it's not like I can own all of them *sigh*. So with a heavy heart I had to sit down and rummage through my collection to narrow it down to 5 staple shades that I think are perfect for any season, any weather, any skin tone and any look. So what are you waiting for click down below to read more...

1. MAC VIVA GLAM V (lustre)

So the first shade is from the viva glam range. Now I've gotta admit when I first saw this shade I kind of underestimated a bit because for me I personally thought it wasn't anything special in fact, the colour pigmentation was something more along the lines of a lipgloss. But after bringing it home and wearing it day in and day out I can honestly say this is one of my absolute faves. The fact that it is less of a block colour and more of a sheen makes it more wearable, you can literally put this on throughout the day without even thinking that it's going to smudge. It's complimentary with every skin tone and every outfit.

2. MAC HUE (glaze)

My second staple shade is Hue, this is probably best described as a fleshy toned nude. By that I mean it's not too nude that it makes you're lips look like their covered in foundation (unless you're going for that look in which case I totally understand girl you rock it!). In fact it's a very complimentary nude where you wouldn't feel out of place by wearing it solely on its own and likewise it can be paired with a darker shade to make it lighter, it looks just as good both ways. It's actually really good to put in the centre of your lips to achieve that ombre effect.

3. MAC MEHR (matte)

This unlike the other two requires a bit of work because it is slightly more of an intense colour and it's matte. The colour I would best describe as a brown toned pink. And for some skin tones it could quite easily pass off as a my lips but better shade. It has an amazing colour pay off and needless say like all MAC lipsticks it is long lasting. It's quite a new shade in my collection and now that it's autumn I've defo been reaching for it more and more.

 4. MAC VELVET TEDDY (matte)

I don't even think I need to mention this shade as a favourite because I for one know that everyone and anyone owns this shade in their collection after the whole Kylie Jenner craze. So I put my hand up and admit that I was sucked into the craze too but I'm not regretting it at all. This shade is more along the brown side and is just amazing. I find myself reaching for this every day especially in this season and I even have a back up! So I'm not even gonna bother explaining the shade more just go and buy it and you can thank me later.

5. MAC ANGEL (frost)

So this shade like Hue is a nude but unlike nude it's a rather pink nude. Again I was sucked into this one with the whole Kim Kardashian fiasco and this along with Hue was one of my first Mac purchases and you can probably tell by the picture that it's very much loved. I love this shade! For me this shade is along the lines of Mehr but a good 2-3 shades lighter. Again its a lovely nude that's very complimentary on every skin tone and if you're on the market for a nice nude I'd defo recommend this one to you to try first. You won't be disappointed.

These are all the swatches in order from 1-5.

So with that said I end my post here, I hope you liked it do let me know what your MAC favourites are in the comments and any recommendations you might have. I most definitely have a few on my bucket list from the new mattes collection. Like always please subscribe to my blog it really does help me out. Like and follow my facebook and instagram pages to see a bit more of what I get up to in my daily life.

Lots of love
Jemima xxxxxx

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