Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Favourite Mascaras ;)

Well helllooooo there Jemples and like always, a very warm welcome to you all to todays post. In todays post I'll be showing you all my top 6 mascaras, now believe me these are all tried, tested and much loved. And it is only after lots of testing that I'm finally recommending them to you guys. These are a mix of some high end ones and some drugstore ones but between you and me the drugstore ones are a ton better and do the job ten times better. So if you guys want to know what my top 6 mascaras are and a mini review on each of them then please keep on reading...

1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Mascara

If you guys are avid readers of my blog you'd probably remember a post I made quite some time back about the Argan Oil version of this mascara back then I raved about the formulation and the lasting power of that mascara which is why I didn't add it in this top 5 even though I truly loved that mascara. Anyways when that finished I went in store and picked up this one as I saw it was a new edition in the same range and I've gotta say that impulse purchase was probably one of the best decisions of my life. This mascara is goals, #lifegoals. Seriously I kid you not, everything is perfect in this mascara: the packaging, the wand, the size, the lasting-power and most importantly the formulation. Just in case you don't know much about this mascara it actually contains cucumber extract to make your eyes feel more refreshed and awake, it even smells of cucumbers! To cut it short this mascara does everything it says and the plus is that it makes my lashes look longer than ever and it actually holds my lashes up all day and everyday! Yes that's right I can't go a day without this mascara!

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational

Now I know that this product has been raved about everywhere on the internet and if you didn't know where the hell have you been hiding! Seriously this mascara is no joke it definitely compares to some of the high end mascaras out there and if I'm honest I like this a whole lot better than the Benefit They're real (*gasp*). Again it does exactly what it says it does: it volumises the lashes, it holds the lashes, it lasts really long. Basically if you haven't really got naturally long lashes this mascara will make sure you no longer face that problem. The only reason why this is my second favourite and not my first is because of the wand I would much rather prefer a chunkier wand like the one rimmel one. But other then that its a serious keeper!

3. Benefit They're Real Mascara

Again this product has been raved about a whole lot everywhere and it definitely stays true to all those reviews. It really does work and much like the lash sensational it works on lengthening the lashes rather than really conditioning the lashes. And I think it's probably because of that reason I rate this 3rd because I find that if I apply too much or I wear it for too long my lashes get really flaky and crumbly which is obviously not nice. Another downside is the price point for £20 it really does put a hole in the pocket but for a special occasion it is really worth it!

4. Clinique High Impact Mascara

Now this I received as a sample not that long ago actually and I've gotta say I am pleasantly impressed. This mascara is a dream for those with sensitive eyes, it does everything a mascara should do and the lasting power is superb. Because of the mini size I really like to use this on my bottom lashes, however like benefit this is definitely a splurge! 

5. MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara

It wouldn't be a well-rounded mascara post if I didn't mention something Mac! I also received this as a sample when I purchases a few things from Mac the other month and like Clinique I was pleasantly surprised. First of all I was shocked to see that there was such a big wand in such a small tube! But jokes apart this mascara is actually really good, again it doesn't really offer anything new but it's definitely something I'd buy (when I have the money that is!).

6. Collection No Clumps Mascara

And finally we have this beauty the collection no clumps mascara. This for it's price point and the fact that it is a drugstore product is actually really good. Obviously it's not up there with some of the other drugstore mascaras I've mentioned but it is quite the product. True to it's name this badboy doesn't clump up your lashes in the slightest. It holds well and lasts long, the only downside for me personally is again the skinny wand and the fact that it doesn't really volumise my lashes an awful lot. I find that I often have to give my lashes a good curl before I apply this but I do like it for the fact that it doesn't clump.

And there we have it guys that's my roundup of all my favourite mascaras currently, as and when anyone of these change I'll let you guys know if any of my new purchases take place of any of these. But until then bye bye! Like always please share, subscribe and follow me on all my social media and I'll catch you in my next post!

Jemima xxx

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