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Nellie Tier product review

Hellooo Jemples (Jemima's People) and welcome back to another post. Sorry its been so long but unfortunately the older you get the more you start to realise that life actually does start to come in the way.

But putting that all aside I'm back today with a review on a handful of Nellie Tier goodies that I received a couple of weeks ago. The amazing girls over at Nellie Tier were really kind to send me over some goodies to review for you all and I couldn't have been any more excited!

So who are Nellie Tier? Nellie Tier are a New Zealand based hand blended range of face, body and bath products. The really cool thing about this brand is that the original creams were created for their own use and due to the amazing response they received these products were later created for all of us to use. Cool right? Well there's more this brand is a family business and was created in the early 1900's by two grandmothers who passed on their recipes to the women in the other generations. Daughters, nieces, granddaughters, aunties you name it this business was made and is still run by these amazing intelligent women! And there's even more all of these products are paraben, sodium, laurel sulphate, mineral oils, artificial perfumes, colour additives and animal free. In short these products are 100% natural, full of raw materials and are made in small batches to preserve maximum freshness. Not forgetting they SHIP TO THE UK!! So if you're as excited as me to find out more about Nellie Tier products then click to read more....

** Quick note before I start even though all these products were sent to me all of my views are honest and true.

So I was  sent 4 full size products from  Nellie Tier about 2 weeks ago and I've been trying and testing them for you since then. All of these products have now become a staple part of my skincare routine and I absolutely love the feel and the packaging of these products, they come in little glass jars. How cute!

  1. Nellie Tier Face Cream
Nellie Tier face cream is a product that is an amazing blend of oils, vitamins & vegetable extracts formulated to soothe nourish and hydrate. It is suitable to use for all skin types and is designed to be used daily. I absolutely love the texture of this product and the way it makes my skin feel straight after applying, to be honest I wasn't quite fond of the frankincense & rose scent at the start but its really started to grow on me. It has quickly become staple part of my skincare routine amazing!

2. Nellie Tier Face Polish
Nellie Tier face polish contains jojoba wax beads and bamboo granules in a coconut cream soap and like the face cream it contains Frankincense but with neroli. To keep it quite simply this is an exfoliator designed to apply to damp skin,lather and to be used several times weekly. This is definitely my favourite out of all the 4 products because I love the natural feel to this product. I have owned a lot of exfoliators in the past but nothing does the job as good as this one. I think its mainly down to the fact that instead of micro beads it contains wax beads which makes this very easy and soft to use on the skin. I use this product about twice a week and use the smallest amount, it gets rid of all my dry skin patches and evens out my skintone by removing any dead skin and impurities. Love, love love!

3. Nellie Tier Hydrating Mask
Nellie Tier hydrating mask is a soothing mask formulated to hydrate, soften and tone skin. It contains anar & palmarosa and is designed to be applied in a thick layer after cleansing and remove after 10-15 minutes. It can be used daily. I particularly love the scent of this product and the way it applies. I tend to use this about 2 times a week after using the face polish and this combination is literally a match made in heaven! I seriously have not used a face mask till date that even comes close to this product, everything this product claims it does it really does do! 

4. Nellie Tier Eye Cream
 Nellie Tier eye cream is designed to nourish & hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. It contains roman chamomile & carrot seed, yes carrot seed and what better for your eyes then some carrots. I personally did not use any eye creams around my eyes before this because I didn’t think I really needed to. Because of long hours studying, on the computer and not forgetting late nights by eyes were really starting to feel the strain of student life. But after using this eye cream my eyes have not only felt more hydrated and awake but my dark circles have also visibly reduced! A little really does go a long way and once you start using this believe me you’ll be using it again and again!

So Jemples that's the end of the post, I really hope you liked this review and if you really liked the sound of any of these products then head over to Nellie Tier’s website you won’t be disappointed!
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Jemima xx


  1. Looool "honest" nothings really honest if you're sent products for the first time

    1. Hi I'm sorry you feel that way but even though I was sent these products I was asked to write a honest review which I did. This is also not the first time I've been sent products however I only choose to review those products on my blog that I love and I know my followers will love too xx

  2. I have actually purchased these products and they are all fabulous. Became familiar with the products from a trip to New Zealand last year. Nellie Tier products were featured at the Te Whau Lodge on Waiheke Island where we stayed. Since then I have been purchasing on line. Jemima is telling the truth!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you feel the same way these products are honestly so fab!

  3. I love nellie fav skincare products ever!! very very safe for sensitive skin fav is hydrating face mask....i m on my second bottle...soon will purchase third bottle...

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion about Nellie Tier. I am so glad you love the products as much as I do, the hydrating mask has definitely become one of my skincare faves xx


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