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Faryal Makhdoom Lipsticks Review...

Admittedly I have a slight lipstick addiction and no matter how hard I try to stop it I find that there is always something new on the market that I have wanted a)for the fact that it is a reliable brand which has come out with new shades or b) it has been made by a celebrity which makes me want it even more, I mean who doesn't want to look like their favourite celebrity! So this brand was no exception, I just knew I had to get my hands on some, so for all of you wondering whether these lipsticks live up to their name then please keep reading....

Faryal Makhdoom is best known for being the wife of the famous boxer Amir Khan. With her being such a known personality makeup was pretty much part of the package and trust me when I say this she probably has one of the strongest makeup games! So when she decided to launch her own makeup brand it was obviously normal for all of her fans to go crazy and want to buy her makeup to get that classic Faryal Makhdoom look. With me being no exception, I've been wanting to get my hands on these lipsticks forever and when I won them through an instagram competition because of which Faryal and her team sent out them out to me I was definitely over the moon! And I knew that like me a lot of you have been itching to know how these lipsticks are....

(PS from now on I'm going to be reviewing products by weighing up the yays and nays and then rating the product out of 10. I find that this way the reviews will be kept concise and you all will be able to easily make your decision with regards to what products you would like to buy)


1. The colours

The colours in the range are amazing and there's something for everyone. Faryal normally supports a nude lip and true to her name she definitely has a nude for everyone as well as some deeper shades. The colours that I was given are rose nude and bossy chic, rose nude is a beautiful nude shade which a pink undertone very comparable to MAC Angel whereas bossy chic is a beautiful deep red shade which again has very pink undertones. The colours look exactly like they look in the bullet on the lips and are extremely pigmented.

2. The finish
True to what it says on the packaging these lipsticks are matte, extremely matte. They glide on quite easily and literally look like a liquid lipstick on the lips. I find that these lipsticks are a lot more matte then your average drugstore lipstick or even MAC for that matter.

3. The lasting power
They last for around 3 hours on the lip and I think this is due to them being so matte. They don't transfer when you eat or drink and I find that you don't have to touch them up when you apply them.


1. The packaging
I absolutely love the outer packaging, the box that the lipstick comes in. I love the elegant feel of the black with the gold logo engraved into it. However I can't say the same for the actual lipstick bullet. The bullet itself is quite light because its made out of plastic and it has the logo painted onto it. The colour of the bullet is silver and black and the logo is silver and it scratches off. 

2. The lasting power
Like I said before these lipsticks last for around 3 hours and look amazing. However after this they do start to crack because of the fact that they are so matte, you definitely need to add a lip balm on top.

3. The price
I do feel that these lipsticks are a bit pricey, they retail at £12.95 each which means they are double the price to a drugstore lipstick. 

The Rating: 7/10
I do really like the range of colours and the finish of these lipsticks they really are matte and I haven't used a lipstick this matte before. I would personally probably order another shade just because I like the colours soo much, its definitely worth a bit of a splurge!

If you've used these lipsticks then please comment down below to let me know how you got on with them. Also comment below if you like the new layout of my blog and make sure you follow me on instagram (click on the images on the right to see what recent posts I've made on there) and subscribe to my blog/bloglovin. Thank you! I will be uploading new blog posts every Wednesday and Saturday.

Jemima xx

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