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Trish McEvoy Review...

I'm always on the hunt for new cosmetic brands that are amazing quality and make my makeup look just as amazing and flawless. Trish McEvoy was a brand that was not that well known to me and I'm sure isn't as known to many of you. It is sold in exclusive stores in the UK and revolves around the principle that is the foundation of her business: makeup has power, inside and out. I was pretty excited to try her products out...

Trish McEvoy is the President and Founder of Trish McEvoy Beauty. A renowned makeup artist known for teaching the Power of Makeup, Trish founded her company in the mid-seventies when the only readily available makeup tools were the sponge applicators that came free with compacts. Trish’s commitment to products and techniques that address women’s concerns has inspired a diverse following and turned her company into one of the industry’s most successful independent cosmetic brands. Pretty inspiring right?

The team were so nice to send 3 full size products out to me so I could try them for you guys.


1. The packaging
Beautiful, simply beautiful. I was blown away by the quality of the packaging of all 3 products, the outer packaging has a very elegant them of white and black and the inner packaging for all 3 products was very luxurious feeling. I particularly loved the metal packaging of the mascara, I just know that my mascara is going to stay fresh for long and not dry out.

2. The formulation

The mascara- it does what it says on the tin, it curls my lashes and for me personally compares to the likes of the benefit they're real mascara. The wand is small and straight which means it gets into all of my lashes effortlessly. The best thing about the formula of the mascara is that it is waterproof and it doesn't clump like most waterproof mascaras.

The eyebase- I love the way this glides onto my eyelids and doesn't crease, I sometimes set it with powder but I honestly don't need to it works just as well when I don't.

The eyelift- the consistency is not too thick which I like, It means that my undereyes don't crease as easily and it doesn't make them look cakey. I love the fact that a little goes a long way!

3. The longevity
All 3 of these products last for the most longest of time. The mascara especially! The eyebase really helps my eyeshadows last really long at least 7-8 hours!


1. The shade of the eyelift
I find that I can't use this as a highlight shade on my skintone (asian) because it just looks too white. There's only one shade which means unfortunately I can't really use it for its purpose which is an under-eye brightener that diminishes the look of fine lines while awakening the eye for an instant all-day lift. It works well as a colour corrector for my skintone because its quite peachy in colour.

2. The price
These products are definitely a splurge so I would recommend you all to try out these products before committing into buying them. The eyelift is priced at £31.00, the mascara is priced at around £22-25, and the eyebase is priced at £21.00.

3.The age range
The majority of the range is specifically aimed at older women and not for people in their 20s like me as they try to tackle issues that would be more common in older women.

The rating- 8/10
I really loved the packaging and the overall feel to all of these products. They feel very luxurious and last for a really long time. I probably would purchase the eyebase again because I found that to be the best out of the 3.

If you've used any products from the range then please comment down below to let me know how you got on with them. Also please make sure you follow me on instagram (click on the images on the right to see what recent posts I've made on there) and subscribe to my blog/bloglovin. Thank you!

Jemima xx

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