Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte (swatches & review)

Hey guys and welcome back to Jemima's World. You must admit I am definitely on a roll with all of these recent reviews and touch wood it continues to be that way, because I love writing these posts just as much as you all like reading them! So today's post is no surprise, because you can probably see by the huge picture and the title, is all about the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes. Now my love for Huda is not hidden and like any true supporter I am a true huda-holic. I've built up quite the collection, considering this time last year I didn't own any of her products! I have also posted a review on her 3D Highlight Palette a few posts back, so please do check that out if you haven't already. And if you would like to see what I thought about these two shades and if I would purchase more, then please keep reading....

Huda beauty's liquid mattes are all the rave and they were a recent edition to her hugely popular and successful line of eyelashes (which I totally love by the way, but I will leave that to another review). These retail for £18.00 each and are available from many places here in the UK, sadly many of them are online. However I managed to get my hands on two shades on my recent trip to Harrods, where you can actually swatch all of the shades and then buy them. I would highly advise you to swatch them first because the shades are quite different to the colours of the packaging and because it will help you a lot when deciding which shade to get. This is because there are currently 16 shades and counting! Huda is constantly releasing new items to this range, which include the mini mattes, limited edition summer colours and the liquid strobes.

I currently own 2 shades which are Girlfriend and Icon. Girlfriend steers more towards the nude/brown side and Icon is more of a dull bright pink (I think that's the best way to describe it!). There are definitely more nuder and brighter shades in the collection, but these are the shades I thought would compliment by skin tone the best (for your reference I have an olive/yellow undertone skin). Like I mentioned before the shades are quite different to the colour of the packaging and they do dry slightly darker, you can check out the swatches below.
Top- Icon & Bottom- Girlfriend
The packaging is definitely in true Huda style, much like her eyelashes that have huge eyes on them, these have huge lips. The colour of the product is shown by the colour of the lips and on the side of the outer packaging. The front of the packaging is clear, so you can clearly see the size and the look of the actual lipstick. The liquid lipstick itself has the most amazing, sleek feel to it. It just feels really luxurious and heavy to hold. And oh the lid and the glass are both matte, genious!

The pigmentation of this product is honestly breathtaking. A little goes a really long way and you literally only need on swipe on the lip to get the true colour. With that said the actual applicator inside is a good size and the liquid matte is designed in such a way that the perfect amount of product comes out each time, so you are not wasting product. There is a decent amount of product inside (5 ml) so it will last you quite a long time.

The product does eventually dry matte, its not instantaneous but it doesn't take a really long time either. It has a really nice moussey texture when you apply it on the lips and this really helps to make the product feel light-weight and not heavy or tacky.

The lasting power was actually a dissapointment to me, I don't know why but I really thought it would last a lot longer. Don't get me wrong, it did last way longer then my drugstore mattes but it wasn't up there with some other high end mattes. After eating and drinking, I did find the need to re apply it. All in all I think it lasted me for about 7-8 hours, if I didn't eat and drink. It does however last longer when you apply a lip liner underneath.

But it's really easy to re apply, it doesn't bunch up inside your lips (you don't get that funny line inside) and the best thing it doesn't cling to dry patches!

All in all Huda has done a fab job and if you are thinking of treating yourself I would definitely buy this product, the price tag is definitely justified. I guarantee you will definitely find a way to make this product work. My overall rating would be 8/10 i will most likely be buying a few more shades!

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Jemima xx

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