Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Rimmel Magnif'eyes COLOUR Edition (swatches & review)

Hey guys and welcome back to Jemima's World. In todays post I will be reviewing a recent launch of Rimmel London, the Magnif'eyes COLOUR Edition. Rimmel have recently launched the Magnif'eyes collection which includes a few 8 pan eyeshadow palettes and a few 12 pan eyeshadow palettes. The shades range from neutral, to golden, to grunge and to colour. And if you know me well enough by now you should know a love a bit of colour! Not only this, but Rimmel London are a drugstore brand and are personally one of my faves when it comes to mascaras. This was one of the first times I have tried their eyeshadow palettes so if you would like to see what I thought then please keep reading...

There are 3 matte shades in the palette and the rest of the remaining 3 shades are shimmery but all with different finishes/amounts of glitter/shimmer.

The price: The 12 pan eyeshadow palettes retail at £8.99 and the 8 pan palettes retail at £7.99. Personally speaking the 12 pans seem a much better deal to me because you are getting 4 extra shades, but I would understand why you might want to get a smaller sized palette, especially when you are travelling.

The packaging is surprisingly very sleek and compact. It's definitely not how I remember Rimmel palettes to be, in the past they have known to be quite bulky. It's your standard drugstore packaging, with the front being clear and the back black. There is no mirror in the palette and it comes with an applicator with a sponge on one side and surprisingly quite a good size fluffy brush on the other side. The brush is the perfect size for underneath the eye. However I think it is meant to be used for the crease as Rimmel have really emphasised that the palette is to be used for eye contouring, it's written on the front of the packaging and on the back there are drawings to show you exactly where to place each colour. Personally I think the packaging is quite good for a drugstore brand, but I think I would have liked to see more colour, considering the name of the palette is colour.

The formula and application of the eyeshadows is actually pretty impressive, I was quite shocked to see that the bright shades are definitely pigmented. They swatch really nicely and apply really nicely too. Likewise the shimmery shades in the palette are pretty impressive, I love the fact that they have quite big pieces of glitter in them, this means I can apply them on top of other colours to give a nice pop. However the darker shades in the palette are not as good, I found I had to really dig deep into the colours to get a good payout and that was the same when I was applying them to the eyelids.

The lasting power of the shadows are also quite impressive, they last for a pretty long time without primer and even longer with primer. They matte shades do wear off slightly throughout the day, but I do find that happens to me when I wear matte shadows generally. 

All in all this is a pretty handy eyeshadow palette, especially if you are looking for a good colour eyeshadow palette. My only complaint is with the pigmentation of the darker shades, but I did really enjoy the colour selection. My overall rating would be 7/10 well done to Rimmel for creating a cute and different palette. It's definitely worth checking Boots or Superdrug for this palette as they always have special offers on, especially if it's 3 for 2!

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Jemima xx

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