Thursday, 26 June 2014

Navy Blue

I know what you're probably thinking Jemples, Navy Blue that seems like a really weird title for a post right, well be rest assured because there is a real purpose behind this post. Navy Blue a colour that many of us tend to steer away I know a lot of people who stay away from wearing their jeans because of the colour and would much rather be wearing some comfortable black trousers (not me I love my jeans!!) Well I hope that after this post a lot of you will warm up to navy blue (I'm sorry I'll probably be saying navy blue a lot in this post, but you gotta do what you gotta do right) and will start to rummage through your wardrobes to find some old pairs of jeans. You all have probably guessed right now that one of the main reasons of this post is to tell you guys how on trend the colour navy blue is right now, I mean if you type navy blue into google right now you'll probably see a lot of websites telling you how on trend the colour is! This is in make-up, clothing, hijabs and many other things. Again if you're like me you'll probably be like navy, such a dark colour and it's in fashion right now in the summer, ooh I think I need a breather! Well in this post I'll be trying to warm you up to the cold navy blue (see what I did there, quite clever right?), I'm going to be sharing 5 of my jeans (I'm lying one is a trouser) that are completely different in styles, the only thing that is in common is of course that their all shades of navy blue! Hopefully this post will inspire you and will tell you that not all jeans have to be the same style and that well jeans come in different shades of navy blue so don't be afraid to pick the style and shade that is right for you (especially if you want to be in with the latest trends!)

1. ELASTICATED CUFFED JEANS- now these jeans are definitely my most comfy ones and I will always no doubt reach out for these jeans first when I'm having a slouchy day and TBH would much rather be in pyjamas but I still kinda gotta make an effort these jeans are my number one choice. The deep navy blue colour and the loose baggy fit of these jeans will compliment any tops or loose fitted short dresses. These jeans are also a must for anyone looking for a modest fit as the cuffs will assure that the jeans won't ride up. I purchased mine from Tammy quite a while back but I'm pretty sure that you'll be able to find them in most shops. this shade of deep navy blue is also very much on trend, so Jemples you can have the best of both worlds comfort and style! My comfort rating 5/5
2. BOYFRIEND JEANS- Another hit in the comfort factor. These jeans are a much lighter shade and would be your typical denim jeans. They aren't hugging but are instead quite loose fitted. Being a Hijabi I quite like to wear these jeans underneath slightly shorter tops as they have a modest style fit. However you've gotta be quite careful with these jeans as they tend to be quite tight fitted towards the top so Hijabi sisters may want to refrain from wearing really short tops on top. But for those who aren't and are looking for again loose fitted comfortable jeans to wear on a daily basis then these are definitely for you. They aren't as baggy as the jeans above but are still quite loose fitted as they adapt a straight style fit. In fact I would even compare them to school styled trousers that are straight fit as they are like those but in a jeans material. Again the colour of these jeans are on trend, but another feature of these jeans are the Aztec detailing which again is very hot right now! My comfort rating 3.5/5
3. DEEP NAVY SKINNY JEANS-  Now these jeans despite the tight fit have to be my most comfortable skinny jeans. I bought these jeans about 3 years ago and they are still in pristine condition, they look brand new! Purchased from Dorothy Perkins these have to be one of my most reached for jeans that I wear on a daily basis (those that know me know I really do!). The material of these jeans is just divine, I mean it's a material that I haven't seen in many jeans. It's quite a stretchy material almost jegging like but they are jeans. It's really easy to cross your legs or put your feet up in these jeans (ME I could sleep in these!). The deep intensity of the blue is again very much in trend and I assure you that even if you wash these many times the colour won't fade. Definitely check out Dorothy Perkins for good quality comfortable jeans! Paired with long cardigans or short dresses these jeans look like a match made in heaven!! My comfort rating 5/5
4. LIGHT WASH SKINNY JEANS- So I don't really like jeans from Primark I actually think that the quality of Primark jeans nowadays is honestly quite shabby. But these jeans a stark contrast coloured jean compared to the ones above is one that I absolutely adore. The fit of these jeans aren't as extremely skinny as the one above but are instead a loose kind of skinny (if that makes any sense) and are a colour that would look absolutely perfect in spring or summer especially when paired with pastel coloured clothing. I actually fished out these jeans from wardrobe after keeping them in there for about 2 years. The length of these jeans is slightly long for me so I like to roll them up to create a cuffed effect (another thing that is very much on trend). My comfort rating 3/5

5. NAVY BLUE LINEN TROUSERS- These are my most latest purchase in the navy blue department. These have to be the most perfect trousers for summer. I mean the material is so thin (but not that thin that it's transparent) and the fit of these trousers are again beyond anything I've seen before. Typically most linen trousers tend to be a very loose almost flare type fit but when I saw these hanging on the rack in Primark just the other day I knew I had to pick them up. These trousers are straight fitted and can most accurately be compared to chinos (another one of my favourite types of trousers). The colour is a really deep navy blue (I'm sure I don't need to repeat that there on trend!) so can be a great alternative for those women who don't like jeans but are still looking for a deep navy coloured, jean type trouser. Priced at just £12 these are a bargain, the only downside to these is that the sizes really differ and you may have to choose a couple of sizes bigger than your normal size. My comfort rating 4/5
So guys this is the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed it and are now well informed of some of the different styled jeans on the market. Don't be afraid to explore until you find your perfect fit and remember not all jeans have to be extremely tight fitted, there is definitely a pair of jeans out there for you!! Please comment and subscribe and you can now contact me at for any suggestions, queries or general enquiries. Bye bye until next time Jemples xx 

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