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 LIP ADDICT!! (Part 2)

Heyoo Jemples I'm back with (as promised) part 2 of the lip addict thingymabob and like I said in part 2 I would be answering the same and if not similar questions that I answered in part 1 but with my lipstick collection instead. Now before I start let me just tell you all that my lipstick collection is considerably less then my lip gloss stash. That's just a posh way of saying I own way less lipsticks!! The only reason for that is that I used to hate lipsticks the consistency of them and the bold colours I was like purleeease I'd rather stay away! I mean one thing that still pees me off about lipsticks is when your lips get dry and the lipstick peels off and gets dry with it eeeeww!! But putting all that aside I have managed to buy quite a few lipsticks over the year and the collection is ever growing. So without wasting time let me quickly get on to the questions...
What's the first lipstick you bought?
Again this is probably the hardest question to answer because unless your mum and dad are super computer geniuses that remember everything you're really not going to remember much from so far back. Believe it or not my mum and dad aren't! So my memory is quite bad and so it's not really a shocker that I don't really know what the first lipstick was that I bought. I just remember trying on my mums lipsticks quite a bit when I was younger I mean we all do!!
Favourite Pink lipstick?
I actually have two favourites from the same company. These are both from NYC and what I love about them is the colour is really subtle, I'm not into bold lips well not yet anyways I just don't think that everyone can always pull them off. With shades like these I feel more comfortable and feel like even if I wear them everyday I won't stand out and my lips especially won't look so intense. The shade on the left hand side is called Snowcone and it's a considerably darker pink then the one on the right which is called Candy Rush. They are both gorgeous shades that last a really long time and the important thing is that they're not matte! I don't know why but I absolutely hate matte lipsticks especially Mac ones I just feel like they're too drying on the lips. The NYC brand is also extremely affordable from the top of my head I think these were around £3-4 each.
Favourite brown lipstick
Now hands down there was no confusion on this one it had to be MUA's Fawn fancy. MUA I know I talk about it a lot but I've gotta say from the first time I saw this in Superdrug up until now this brand ha always been one of my favourites. I mean the price is just amazing these lipsticks are just £1 and you get a really good formula with really chic packaging. This shade will look amazing on any skin tone and I feel like it's a really flattering shade because of the soft colour. The consistency is also really smooth but it is a matte lipstick so you would need to moisturise the lips with some sort of balm first. But all in all this product is a real winner and so are all their other lipstick shades so do check them out (here).
 Favourite Coral/Orange lipstick

 Again I have two well in my defence one was given to me as a gift so technically I only had one favourite before this! The first one is the one on the right which is again from NYC and is the same range as the pink lipsticks I've mentioned before. There's really not much to say that I haven't said about these range of lipsticks before other then this in the shade Peach Fizz. The one on the left was given to me as a gift quite recently and is from the body shop in the shade 66. This is definitely by newly found love I was totally unaware of body shop lipsticks before this but after getting this I know that I will be purchasing a lot more in the near future. The feel of this lipstick is so luxurious and smooth I love it!!
 What lipstick have you recently purchased?
I'm going to rephrase that question by adding an 's' at the end of lipstick because I've just purchased 2 Mac lipsticks yesterday!! I thought that I would treat myself because Eid is coming up and bless my Mum she bought me one of them. So I actually went into Mac just wanting to purchase the one and wanting to look at the other shade but whoever knows me well knows that I never just go to look at things! I went in wanting to purchase Mac Angel which is a frost lipstick that I would best describe as being a nudy pink. I've seen this shade being reviewed and loved by everyone everywhere, even Kim Kardashian wore this shade so I thought I'd try it out and I love it! The second shade was a glaze lipstick in the shade Hue now I actually went in wanting to try the shade Modesty but I fell for this shade instead. This is again a nude but more on the browny side which I love! These 2 will defo be 2 of my favourite nude shades ever.
What's your everyday shade?
So this is another Mac lipstick and this by far I can without a doubt wear every single day and love it. Just because of the fact that it's such a sheer wash of colour when you apply it and tbh you don't even need a mirror to apply this you can just put it all over your lips and be on your way. It's the Mac Viva Glam V which is a lustre lipstick. I actually bought this for my mum who found that it was a bit too less colour for her so I thought I'd try it and I really like it. Pheww!! That saved £15.50 (yerpp I know Mac's boosted it's prices by 50p again)
 So Jemples that's the end of my quite long lip addict tag. Like always please like, share on all your social media and comment. Please do share it would mean a lot to me. And I'll see you in my next post really soon. Bye bye Jemples xx

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