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LIP ADDICT!! (Part 1)

Well hellooo all you Jemples and welcome back to yet another post, tbh it really feels weird to be on my blog again but it's one of those comforting weirds (if that made any sense to you let me know too cuz it hasn't made any sense to me!) And let me admit I had to really push myself to post my blog today just because I'm not feeling well. I mean trying to fast whilst having a blocked nose and a sore throat is soo hard! But I knew I had to update because all of you guys have been waiting very patiently. So staying on the make-up theme I've decided to do a LIP ADDICT thingymabob. I've actually seen this done on a lot of blogs and by a lot of youtubers so I thought I've got enough products so why not! A little disclaimer I actually put together these questions by choosing a load of different ones that would cater to my collection because I don't own any red lip products!! The nearest I own is coral so I've had to shake the questions up a bit. So without wasting any more time let's get on with it ooh I've also split the questions into two parts the first are lipglosses and the second set are lipsticks (which I don't own many of at all but hey!). Most of these products are also really affordable with just one high end product. So take two let's get one with it!!
What's the first lip gloss you bought?
Well if I'm totally honest I don't remember and nor would I have kept it for so long eew that's just disgusting. I think it might have been one from Avon because I have quite a vivid memory of this roller ball gloss that tasted of watermelons mmmm I actually applied that less and ate it more!! Ooops #confessionsofyoungerme
What's your favourite clear gloss?
I actually have two favourites which both don't look clear anymore! The first one is one that I used to apply religiously every day especially when I was younger because I hated coloured glosses or lipsticks that is the Avon glazewear in clear what I like about this is that it contains SPF 15 which is perfect for summer! Now because that one's pretty old I've started to wear another one which is the NYC Liquid lipshine I love the brush on this one it's so flimsy and flexible.

Favourite Pink gloss

So I'm gonna lie if I say that this is my all time favourite pink gloss because it's a recent purchase so I haven't really worn it as much but I've gotta admit it has taken the number 1 spot of my pink glosses and I own a lot!! This gloss is in the shade Lips are sealed and trust me this lasts a whole day on your lips especially if you pair it with a lipstick. Like the packaging states this pink is really intense and the formula isn't sticky which I like.
Favourite brown gloss

Again you can see that I've struggled to pick one. Now let me just say these are brown shades it's just that the lighting is making them seem a lot more peach for some strange reason, curse you natural lighting!! So I'm gonna start with the one on the left which is the Max Factor silk gloss in the shade cinnamon frost. Now what I love about this is the fact that it's soo sheer and light on the lips and feels so velvety when you put it on. I actually don't know whether they still do this but I'm pretty sure you can find a dupe. The next one is by 2 true cosmetics and it's shade number 8 I absolutely swear by these glosses they have to be one of the longest lasting lip glosses ever and they are so incredibly cheap! You can see in the picture on the right that it's more of a peachy brown which I love!
Favourite Nude

Ok I've cheated again but it's so hard just to pick one! Now I couldn't swatch either of these because there really isn't any point their so similar to my skin colour you wouldn't be able to see them! Now the reason why I picked two is the fact that the colours are similar but the texture and shine is completely different. The top one is one by Natural collection in the shade Toffee Cream now for those of you who are familiar with these glosses they tend to have more of a metallic kinda gloss with hints of juicy flavour. This particular one smells and tastes just like toffee. I love this gloss because it stays on all day and you're able to put it on just on it's own you don't need a base colour. The bottom one is by Miss Sporty in the Hollywood range now this is a luxurious style gloss in the shade Melrose Avenue. I like this because the colour is really pigmented like you can tell you've got a nude on your lips the only downside is that I have to have a base coat when I wear this and only then does the colour really show up.

Favourite Coral

This is again by the Miss Sporty Hollywood range in the shade Pasadena what I love about this is the colour I think that even though it looks like the colours quite striking in the bottle it actually comes out with a really nice sheen to it. Unlike the nude shade I'm able to wear this just on it's own because of the colour. Definitely check out the Miss Sporty range of glosses they're really nice quality.

What's your everyday gloss?
Now I perceived this as being a gloss that I'm able to reach out for everyday without having to look in the mirror to apply it I mean what else would you wear everyday. The first one that came to my mind was this Mua sheer finish lip gloss in the shade Happy days. This is just perfect for everyday it has the right amount of colour and sheen to it.
So Jemples that's the end of part 1!! Tune in for part 2 where I'll answer the same questions with a few added surprise questions but with my lipsticks instead. Please do comment and spread the word the activity on this blog has been pretty low for the past 2 days so please view and share my blog on all your social media platforms and I'll see you soon Jemples xx

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