Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rave Review!!


Well Helloo there all you Jemples and welcome back to another post. I actually decided to introduce the skincare tab just because I feel like I have a lot of things to share with you all about skincare and because I feel very passionate about taking good care of my skin. I mean we all only have the one face and so we technically only have one chance to take care of our skin. Yeah it's all good and fine to slap make-up on your face but it's also very important to cleanse your face and take care of it on a regular basis. Hence why I uploaded my skincare routine some time back. But today I'm actually going to literally rave review about these 2 amazing products that are to do with skincare less of face skincare and more of body skincare. These two products are from the same company and I actually saw them the first time on the TV (curse you television and all your fancy advertisements!)

As you can probably tell by the massive picture I'm talking about the company Neutrogena! Which I feel is definitely one of the best companies out there to turn to for skincare so it was no surprise that I decided to pick these products up and that I absolutely loved them!

I'm going to talk about the hand cream first which is the one on the left hand side. Now I have such a bad problem with dry skin on my hands which leaves my hands feeling really rough all the time. It's especially worse when it's extremely cold or extremely hot (like now!). I find that my skin around my nails and on the ends of my fingers starts to crack and peel off which leaves my hands feeling really sore. Sometimes my skin will peel off so much that it'll cause my hands to bleed from the areas it's peeled off from. So it became really necessary for me to find a product that would suit and cure my hands, I mean even what the doctor prescribed me didn't work. I went through so many hand creams from the Vaseline intensive care one to the garnier one and they just won't working which was pretty upsetting because they cost quite a bit of money. Then one day I heard about this product and thought that I'd try it out I actually was pretty pessimistic about it working but it really does. So it's a nourishing hand cream that like the bottle says enhances skin hydration by 3 times and it is clinically proven to work with your skins natural processes. Which is defo a plus point many products just mask the skin and don't really work with it. It also has an amazing smell!! OMG the smell of Nordic berries is just divine! It absorbs easily and is non-greasy. I squeeze quite a bit on the palm of my hands whenever I feel that my hands are dry but I especially make sure that I apply this before I go to sleep. And I'm not going to lie the difference it's made to my hands is just out of this world! My hands are now so soft and feel nourished all the time.

The second product is a body lotion which I actually bought after I started to fall in love with the hand cream. And you can probably already guess it pretty much has the same benefits as the hand cream it leaves your skin feeling so soft and is so beneficial for any areas where you may have dry skin. I tend to avoid putting this on my face just because of the fragrance but I do apply it everywhere else especially after I've had a bath. After applying this you'll instantly be able to see and feel the benefits on your skin and you'll smell lovely too! Nordic Berry is also proven to have many benefits for the skin and is known as a Scandinavian super fruit.

So Jemples do try these products and let me know if you love them as much as I do and as always I'll see you in my next post! Bye bye xx

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