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MUA Glitter Ball Palette



Hellooo Jemples and welcome back actually I should be saying that to myself that welcome back Jemima your blog and the avid readers of this blog missed you, even though I was only MIA (missing in action) for one day. Yerpp just one day! So before I start this post let me just tell you that I won't be uploading daily anymore. As you all know the look of my blog has changed as well as the slogan of my blog which used to be a daily dosage. So that can only imply one thing that I will not be uploading daily instead I'm going to miss a day and then upload. There's really not a reason why I just personally feel that I should give you all some time to digest the previous post before I upload the next. It also means that I can plan the post a lot more and I can write a lot more detail. I don't have to make up random crap just so that I can upload daily!
 Pheww! Now that that's out the way let me get back to the post. Now for a lot of you the word MUA probably sounds quite foreign, especially for those who prefer more high end products and tbh can afford them. I mean who doesn't like luxury products but you've gotta be able to afford them to buy them! Anyhoo MUA stands for make-up academy and has been around for quite a while but has only been recognised by people ever since it came into Superdrug. It's really developed over the past year and has come out with so many amazing products that are definitely, well I would class them as, a dupe for high end products. Obviously you won't get the same quality but they are near enough. Everything is under £4!! I know even their professional range is £4 and under!! They are amazing products that are perfect for those on a budget and are defo perfect for students!! (Like me!!)
Ok back to the palette now this palette along with many of their palettes contains 12 shades at a price of just £4!! This particular one is called glitter ball and like the name suggests it contains glitter in all the colours. It's definitely not a too much glitter you won't literally look like a glitter ball when you apply this!! I actually fell for this palette because of the wide range of colours inside, I felt that the colours were universal and would be perfect for celebrations or weddings. It's also really nice and compact so it's perfect for travel and I think another plus point is that the there's a clear window so you can see all the colours inside without having to open it. Because we all know that palettes tend to break a lot because we open them a lot!!
The colour payoff of all these shades is really good and they are quite pigmented. I've swatched a few colours from the palette so that you can see exactly how the payoff is. But do bear in mind that the colour isn't really pigmented on the lids you'll need a primer if you want the colour to be as intense and to last for a whole day. Without a primer I would say these last for about half a day so like an evening but that really depends on you and how your eyelids are.
So I've mainly talked about what I like about the product and talked a bit about what I don't like but to make it easier for you to judge I'm gonna make a quick do's and don'ts list.
  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Glitter is really on trend at the moment.
  • Perfect for wedding season and celebrations.
  • Really affordable it's only £4!!
  • Most shades are quite pigmented and they have a reasonable colour pay off.
  • Compact, light, see through window.

  • The sponge applicator that comes with it.
  • Some of the lighter shades are quite difficult to pick up on the lid without using a primer.
  • The off white shade in mine was really crusty.
  • Doesn't last a full day without a primer.
So Jemples that's the end of my review of the MUA glitter ball palette despite some minor flaws I would recommend this product because I think for the price it's really good quality. MUA has loads of different palettes so do check them out you'll defo find one that's suited for you. The undress me and undress me too palettes are really close dupes for the naked 1 and naked 2 palettes!! Please do comment and subscribe and let me know what you guys want to see more of trust me suggestions are really helpful. I'll see you in my next post bye bye!! xx

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