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So it's definitely no mystery what this post is about I mean ever since I mentioned yesterday that I was doing this post today I've been receiving a lot of messages saying that they simply cannot wait!! So can't I!! I mean I've had this product for at least 2 months now but the excitement of just seeing it everyday is just beyond this world! For those of who you don't know what the hell I'm on about well hold your horses because I'm about to tell you. Now this palette retails at around £37.00 depending on where you're buying it from the prices will vary not drastically but about a couple of pounds and is the third instalment of the Urban Decay Naked Palette series. So they've done the naked 1, the naked 2 and now the naked 3. BTW I'm not just fond of saying naked the palettes are called that because the shades within all three palettes are mostly neutral with a couple of darker shades just so you have the versatility to create really minimal effortless looks to a much more dramatic smoky eye. The palette contains 12 different shades, 8 are shimmer toned and 4 are matte with just a bit of sparkle. All the shades revolve around the rose gold theme which the packaging also reflects, so even the black has a bit of pink/red glitter (not a lot just a bit) which I think is really cool! Another cool thing about any of the naked palettes are the names I mean sometimes you'll get why they named them like that but other times you'll be left wondering what the hell!!

So firstly I'm gonna review the packaging and everything that comes with it. The packaging as you can see above is just striking! I mean it's so elegant and beautiful, I assure you that when you first see the product even if it's just at a store you'll be left mesmerised! It's a pretty compact and sturdy tin that you'll be able to carry anywhere (the shadows won't crumble or break) so it's perfect for travelling. It's also rose gold which is so in at the moment and my personal favourite. The way it opens is similar to the Naked 2 Palette.

It also comes with a duo ended synthetic fibre brush which has one flat side perfect for packing the shadow on and one fluffy side which is also perfect for blending particularly in the crease. The brush is again a rose gold colour and is really soft, the fibres in the brush won't come out or split like some brushes do. Again it's perfect for travel as it fits snuggly inside the case and to be honest you don't really need more brushes then this (unless your a brush hoarder like me!). The palette also comes with a mirror which I know is weird to say but it is a perfect mirror it's really clear and it's one of those mirrors that shows up all your impurities!! (Not good especially if your face isn't clean!) So below is a picture of the palette open now I'm just gonna go ahead and review each colour from left to right (don't worry I'll try to keep it short!)

The first shade in the palette (starting from the left) is a matte cream shade called strange. This is the perfect highlight shade for under the brow and in the inner tear duct to give your eyes a bit of a pop. You can even use this for highlighting the cheek bones especially if you prefer matte shades not shimmer. Just like all the colours in this palette it has an immense colour payment it's really highly pigmented.

The second colour is called dust and just like the name suggests it's a really light colour that gives the perfect dusting of shimmer. It's one of the first shimmers in the palette and I would describe the colour as like a real pale pink. Again this is perfect to use as a highlighter but it's also perfect to use everyday because it gives this really nice pop to the eye because of the shimmer. Just a sweep of this everyday and you're good to go! This is my personal favourite in the palette.


Number 3 is again a shimmer called burnout and like the name suggests it's a copper coloured shade. I wouldn't say that it was too on the browny side but I'd say that it has hints of brown and is more of an intense rose gold shade as opposed to the shade Dust. It's highly pigmented and would be perfect to use for everyday or a smoky eye. The more you pack on the more intense the colour will be.

The fourth shade is another matte shade called limit. Now this shade is absolute heaven when placed in the crease. It's a perfect crease shade! I really dunno how to describe this shade because it's one of those weird colours I guess I'd probably describe it as a pale pink/grey or a matte version of dust. These 4 colours are the more neutral shades of the palette the next four are slightly more intense shades.

Number 5 is called buzz now for me the name didn't suggest anything to me it may to you but it's a quite dark pink colour. Now this is definitely the nearest colour to the tin it's again a shimmer shade and would look amazing everyday but I would class it as slightly more luxurious.

The sixth colour (wohoo we've reached half way!) is a colour called trick. Now this is your propa gold shade what I mean by that is it's a really rich gold and is soo luxurious. What I love about these shimmer shades is that when applied they give us this two toned effect in the light which I think is amazing! I mean it looks like 2 different shades when you've just applied 1!!


Number 7 is another matte shade called nooner I know nooner. This is the perfect transition colour because it's a mix of both pink and grey. The amazing thing about this colour is that it'll look good both as a neutral colour or with a smokey eye, pretty versatile huh!
8 is a shade called liar and is the perfect mix like nooner but it's a shimmer. It's the shimmery version of nooner! But I'd say it's slightly more brown toned especially because we're getting towards the darker shades. I love this colour!
The next four shades I'm going to collectively review. These are called factory (the most amazing brown shade in the world!) mugshot (the perfect shimmery grey with black and brown undertones) darkshot (this is the last matte shade in the palette and is a dark brown/black) and the final shade is blackheart (now this even though it's not fully black it's soo pretty it's black with little micro specks of red glitter!) Now these 4 shades when used together create the most perfect smokey eye ever!!
So that is the end of my review! I'm just going to say that this is an amazing palette and I know it's a bit pricey but it's so worth it! The pigmentation and the colour pay off is just extraordinary and when applied with primer this product will last you all day! I'm still in love with it and can't wait to create more looks and use this product more and more! So defo go and buy it either for yourself or as a gift for someone else! Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples xx
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