Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ramadhan diaries: Day 04

Hi Jemples and welcome back to the beloved Ramadhan Diary, Day 04. So before I even start this post I know a lot of you are expecting to scroll down and find another mouth watering recipe, especially since in yesterdays post I mentioned that I was going to do a savoury recipe (my bad!). So to save your disappointment I'm gonna start of this short diary by saying that there is no recipe today sorry! Now one of the main reasons is that I'm not feeling well at all so I thought it would be best if I stayed out of the kitchen and dealing with other peoples food, but another reason is that I've been making far too many dishes, especially deserts! So it thought let's put a stop to it just for today so that we can all catch up with the food that we've made and eat it all instead of making more and it just piling it up! After all Ramadhan isn't just an excuse to eat food and it's certainly not just an excuse to waste food either! So all my fellow Jemples who've been making the dishes alongside me, please take a break just for today and finish off all the leftover deserts and pastries. Pheww! Now that that's off my chest (you honestly don't know how bad I was feeling that I can't upload a recipe today) let me move onto the main purpose of these diaries which is to share my experience with all of you. So today's day is going pretty good, I've gotta admit one thing that I never thought that time would start to go fast but it is (I'm not complaining!) and because of time going fast the fasts are also going quite good. It's either that or the fact that my bodies started to get used to it, you know what they say it takes the body a few days to get used it and mine certainly is! For Sehri I ate what I did yesterday chappati and curry with of course my banana. Now a lot of you have been asking what's the sudden love with bananas? Well my friends before Ramadhan started a lot of texts were coming through saying that by eating a banana daily you won't feel as thirsty so I thought of trying it out as you all probably noticed (I mean it's pretty obvs I mention it everyday). I know in my first diary I mentioned that maybe it was the placebo effect taking over and that it probably doesn't even work but after trialling it out for a bit I can now officially say it does. So if you're like the majority of people and feel thirsty do try a banana and let me know if it works for you. So back to Iftaar I had a kebab sandwich and my chocolate cake which I'm honestly so proud of! I mean everyone thought it was professional, I had comments coming through, whatsapp's, texts saying that it looks so professional and yummy. One or two people even asked if I was willing to make cakes for them!! I'm touched but seriously no, ain't nobody got time for that! I mean why else do you think I upload the recipes so you can DIY!  
So before I end this rather long and babbly post I just want to thank all you guys, the comments and the messages I've been getting are seriously overwhelming! It really brightens up my day to hear that you guys patiently wait for these every day and are enjoying these so much. I mean this whole blog started off as something really small and something that I was only doing as a hobby and to stop myself from getting bored. But the response I've been getting is seriously amazing and for those of you asking me continue, don't worry I intend to nothing makes me more happier!! Well Jemples this is me signing off until tomorrow, ooh before I go for those of you living in the UK please do drink a lot of water today at both Iftaar and Sehri because tomorrow is meant to be a scorcher of a day so keep yourself hydrated and try to stay out of the sun as much as you can(and for those of you living in hot countries needless to say but keep yourselves hydrated as well)! Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples.
Jemima xx

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