Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ramadhan Diaries: Day 05 & Staying healthy tips!

Hey Jemples and here we are on day 5 of Ramadhan! Now I can honestly say time is literally flying and will continue to do so, so please remember to maximise your worship and good deeds throughout this month! Well today I've decided to do something completely different to what I normally do in my daily diaries (I know no recipe again I'm sorry!) and this was inspired by quite a lot of people if I'm honest. I mean nobody really came up to me and told me to do this post, but they didn't have to because all I've been hearing from people ever since Ramadhan started was those three famous words I'm feeling tired! (and I'm one of them!) So the purpose of this post is to give you all tips to feel more healthy during Ramadhan which of course will leave you feeling more happy and energetic! These tips aren't only simple to understand but they are really simple to implement into your day. I'm going to keep this post quite short so I'm just going to get straight into the tips:

1.  Eat at Sehri! I know your probably thinking OMG is that even a tip, it's common sense of course I'm going to eat I don't want to die! Well my friends a lot of people don't eat at Sehri and for some strange reason feel like they can survive the entire day, well you can't so please eat! Particularly foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates (eggs, oats) and drink a lot of water. My tip obvs for all those who read daily is to eat a banana at Sehri it really helps to quench your thirst.
2. Stay in cool areas! During the day try to stay out of the heat as much as possible and don't travel unnecessarily. You'll find that the more you stay in the heat the more thirsty and sweaty you'll get. Allocate a time during the day especially to rest (this can be putting your feet up or taking a small nap).
3. Avoid Over-eating! both at Sehri and Iftaar this can lead to you feeling more bloated and inevitably a lot more tired. Take small sips of water, have light meals and starters (like soups) and have a lot of fruits and dates to bring up blood sugar levels after a whole day of fasting.
4. Avoid oily and spicy foods! These can not only lead to you putting on excessive amounts of weight but can also cause heartburn and indigestion which will make you feel more tired. Try grilling or baking foods instead.
5. Healthy Deserts! Try to stay away from sugary deserts and limit yourself to having chocolates and sweets once a week (I know it's really hard!). Try to use fresh fruits and low fat items in your deserts (My mango cheesecake recipe is really low in fat!)
6. Stay away from Fizzy drinks! These don't really hydrate you but instead contain too much sugar!! The same can be said about tea and coffee which cause you too feel more thirsty because of the caffeine. Try to stay away from drinking these particularly during Iftaar.
7. Drink plenty of water! Sip on water of fresh fruit juices throughout the evening. Try to aim for atleast 8 glasses of water before bed. This will leave you feeling more hydrated and fresh!
8. Brisk walks! Try to walk for 15-20 minutes after Iftaar so that you burn off any excessive calories which will lead you to feel a lot less tired and will prepare you for the evening prayers.
So Jemples that's the end of this short but useful post. I hope you implement them throughout Ramadhan and share them with others to help the overcome the battle that is tiredness!! I'm really sorry that today's post is short, I haven't really been up to much today and it turns out that finding something to write everyday is pretty hard! I also know that a lot of you are asking when I'll go back to writing things underneath my other tabs. I definitely will be uploading a lot more style related things like makeup and clothes and may be even a hijab style nearer to Eid Insha'Allah it's just a bit hard to do all those whilst your fasting! So defo keep checking my blog and spread the word. Your suggestions are always welcome! Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples!! 

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