Friday, 4 July 2014

Ramadhan diaries: Day 06 #children!

Helloooo to all the Jemples out there and lets just start off this post by saying that there are quite a lot of you a lot more than I ever expected so thank you so much. Well today was the first Friday of Ramadhan 2014!! I know it's pretty exciting right! It's also pretty scary to think that time flies past so fast and the harsh reality is that we're unable to catch up to it. Now today's post is all about CHILDREN! (I know a lot of people are probably thinking that we get enough of them I come on here for my me time not to read about them!) Well rest assured I'm not going to be talking about them but I'm going to instead try to involve them. Now we all know that children don't keep fasts because of how small they are and it would be totally irrational to make them keep fasts. But that doesn't mean that they should be completely out of the picture during Ramadhan. I know many parents or older siblings are often tired due to the long days of fasting and sometimes tend to take it out on children by not involving them as much. Well don't worry children of the world I'm here to save you!! Well from boredom anyways! I'm going to try and share some tips on how to involve your children or siblings this Ramadhan. It's a really good opportunity to teach them something new and good so please don't lose it.
  • READING- now a lot of you probably read bed time stories to your children or siblings so why not try to switch your usual story for an Islamic one. Ramadhan is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to teach the children about Islam and it's beauty. Some good reads are: Qur'an stories for kids, My First Ramadan by Karen Katz..
  • INVOLVE THEM!!- Now this one's pretty self-explanatory involve children in all the activities and duties throughout the day. This can be as simple as making them lay the table or reading Salah with you. You can even have them create a Salah checklist, or a reading the Qur'an checklist!
  • ARTS & CRAFTS- this one has to be my all time favourite tip, it actually fascinated my so much that I spent so much time looking at the different arts and crafts on show (so much time that my blog might have been on earlier oops sorry!). There are so many options to choose from: Ramadhan advent calendars, lanterns, early eid decorations, colouring sheets just search on google you'll find loads of them! I wanna try some of them too!!
  • APPS- in this day and age technology is a must for adults as well as children, instead of handing your child an Ipad or a phone that has normal games on try to download apps that will help them understand Islam more there are even apps where children can learn Arabic!
  • JOURNAL- keeping a journal is a fab idea! You yourself can keep a daily Ramadhan diary and with your child you can collectively write about the days experiences and what new things you have learnt. This is perfect for those children who are learning how to write sentences or stories. You can even buy a special book dedicated for your journal which you can decorate together!
  • COOKING TOGETHER!- Finally a lot of mums spend a lot of times in the kitchen and older siblings to do, you can use this opportunity to involve children and get them to cook alongside you.
So Jemples I hop you enjoyed this really short post and learnt that you should try to involve children in Ramadhan as it's a perfect opportunity for them to learn in an array of ways and don't push them away!! I'll be back tomorrow with another post so stay tuned.

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