Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ramadhan diaries: Day 07 & Skincare routine

Heyoooo Jemples and welcome back OMG I still can't believe that we're at day 07 of Ramadhan that's a whole (official) working week!! Alhamdulillah I hope Ramadhan is going good for you and that you're one step closer to achieving the goals that you set out to achieve during this blessed month. Now for this post I've been to my laptop at least 5 times to try to type up the post so that the posts are uploaded a lot earlier than normal. But seriously I couldn't think of anything to write I feel like with the theme of Ramadhan I'm completely saturated! I can't think of any thing else that I haven't mentioned that link to Ramadhan. So I decided to ask around and then someone suggested (she's probably grinning whilst reading this) that I think a bit outside of the box. So I stepped out of my box and thought quite hard actually about how to link my everyday stuff that I post on this blog to Ramadhan. I actually didn't think of how to link everything to Ramadhan but I thought about how to link this specific topic which is......... SKINCARE! This I've gotta admit has been requested by a lot of people even before I started this blog, especially those who see me on a day to day basis. A lot of people ask about the products I use on my skin because according to them it's really clear (I don't think it's that clear but Alhamdulillah it's a lot clearer then before). So that's why I thought that it would be useful if I uploaded my everyday skin care routine. Now this kinda links to Ramadhan because I feel that when you do some of these steps (like exfoliating) your skin starts to feel really fresh and free and not tight and clogged up. And of course if you're skin feels really fresh you'll feel a lot more fresh and awake! (of course we all want to be fresh we don't want to be falling asleep during Salah! See I got you I know a lot of you do!!)
Now before I start my routine (for my face) it's only necessary for me to throw a disclaimer out there that not all these products are suited for every skin type. Everyone is different so what works on my skin might not necessarily work on yours (so don't go to buy these products test them first). Also my skin type is combination (well I feel it is anyways) this means that it's a combo of both oily and dry. I get more oil on my T-zone whilst the rest of my face is quite dry. So it's taken my quite a long time to find products that suit my face especially because I suffered from acne quite severe one through my teenage years. So I've gotta be really careful when choosing products as my skin tends to get quite sensitive around those areas. With that said let's get on with it!
1. So the first thing that I do after a long day is to obviously remove my make-up. Now I can't stress the importance of doing this, I know a lot of people who don't remove their make-up because they can't be bothered. This really harms your skin because it clogs up your pores and can lead to spots and wrinkles. I clean my makeup using the Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover which is so gentle and like the bottle says you don't need to rub. It contains both a toner and a remover so you get both in one bottle!! I put a bit of this on a cotton and rub all over my face literally my makeup comes off in one go! BTW my packaging is a bit old!
2. After that I exfoliate my face. Now when I first started doing this I used to rub it really hard and my face used to get really red and itchy. You seriously don't need to rub that hard! I also first started my exfoliating everyday for 2 months until my skin was used to it and now I only exfoliate twice a week. I use the St Ives fresh skin scrub (apricot flavour). This is quite grainy so if you prefer a more mousse like or cream like exfoliator then this isn't for you. I put about a 10p size of product in my palm and then rub all over my face. I also like to leave it on for a while until I can feel like it's sunk into my face and then wash it off with some water. For anything that's left on my face I use a clean towel to clean it all off. I highly recommend this step because it removes all dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling so soft and fresh. St Ives is an amazing brand because there are products for every skin type whether you're looking for fresh skin (like me) or something that's not too harsh on your sensitive skin St Ives has it all! And it smells amaaazing!! I've been meaning to try the new blemish control I'll let you know when I do.
3. Now this step I've gotta admit I don't do everyday I kinda skip it I prefer to use nose pore strips instead of the clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub. I actually only apply this like across my nose, chin and nose and leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off. I did find it worked when I used it everyday but now that I don't it's not as effective and I really can't be bothered. It's an amazing scrub though again grainy so do try it if you're looking for a gentle clearing scrub. I tend to use the Tea tree nose pore strips from Boots once every 2 weeks as I find that it works a lot better then the scrub in removing

4. After doing step three I like to moisturize. Now I don't use any fancy moisturisers in fact I use the Johnsons Natural moisturiser!! I know childish right!! But I'm not lying it's so soft and gentle on my skin that I don't dare to try any other one just in case I don't get the same results. Do try this if you've got really sensitive skin because it smells amazing and works like a charm! BTW it's quite hard to find these but defo look in the baby section you'll find them there.
5. Finally now I've only discovered this product quite recently but I would defo recommend it. I mean this product works like nothing I've seen before!! It's an oil that once put on a scar or any blemishes you have on your face completely gets rid of them in about 1 week. Of course you wouldn't put it on open wounds and testing it on your skin is important first! But once you've done all of that just try and putting it on your scar everyday and you'll see that it will vanish pretty soon!! You'll have to look around a bit to find this oil (Jasons) but trust me it's worth it!!
So Jemples that's the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed it and found some of the products useful do try them out and let me know how it goes!! and for those who ask this is the secret to my beautiful skin (I'm only joking it's not that beautiful!) Bye bye until tomorrow xx

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