Monday, 7 July 2014

Ramadhan Diaries: Day 09

Hi Jemples and welcome again this is just a quick Ramadhan update because I promised you guys that I would continue my diary as of today, so here I am! I'm not going to promise much in this post, actually I'm not even gonna be sharing much with you except for my experience today. Because I've got something quite exciting lined up for you all one of my first makeup reviews of quite a high end product (probably the first of many!) which I'm going to post under my make-up tab so do keep on checking that out. It's absolutely perfect for Eid either for yourself or as a gift for someone else and hopefully I'll be doing some tutorials with it soon! So back to today's short post, I'm actually fasting after a few days so I guess it was only natural that I was going to find it a lot harder because I was out of the routine. For Sehri I had a chapatti and a banana and for Iftaar the night before I had a kebab sandwich with oven chips. I was feeling pretty full after Sehri but as soon as I woke up my stomach was rumbling (and still is!) soo much I actually haven't even been this hungry since the start of Ramadhan. I guess it didn't help that one of my neighbours decided to chop down their trees at 9 o'clock in the morning with a blooming chainsaw!! Argghhh!!! So even though I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't and that's why my heads really hurting now! But today has been a pretty exciting day because it's my sisters 20th birthday!!! Wohoooo!! Not that you can do much in Ramadhan but we're still pretty excited and trying to party. Because where there's cake there's always a party!!! But Jemples no party for you because I'm afraid that's the end of this post I'm pretty busy today and I didn't really want to upload my make-up review today because it's quite late and the lighting is terrible so I can't get any good pictures! But it hopefully will be up tomorrow so stay tuned for the URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 REVIEW!!! (I know sooo exciting right! I still can't believe it's in front of me!) Bye bye until tomorrow Jemples!

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