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 Hellooo all my lovely Jemples and welcome back to yet another make-up post but fear not for this is one with a slight difference. Actually I lie it's a post with a big difference because it's one of it's first ever on this blog. Yes I'm talking about a tutorial finally!! I actually debated a lot to myself whether to do tutorials or not I just kinda felt that you wouldn't ever be able to really tell what I'm doing through just pictures but I was really wrong. It turns out that the step by step pictures do really help (even though it's pretty hard to take picture of your eye by yourself!) So once I overcame that problem I had another problem what kind of tutorial would I upload and when I asked a few people the requests came pouring in! So I thought I would start with the most basic and most requested look which I personally love because it's really versatile and you can adapt it to suit you. And that was the gold/bronzy smokey eye which you can achieve in pretty much 10 easy steps. But before I start let me just tell you that you don't have to a) use the products I'm using, I chose to use my MUA palette which I've reviewed before just because I didn't want to use a high end product and a lot of people requested that I should do these tutorials with cheaper products and b) use the colours I'm using, if you're outfits another colour then just change the colours up and if you don't like smokey eyes then don't go for black but use a softer colour like brown instead. It's all up to you! So let's get started.

1. Prep your lids! I really can't tell you enough how important this step is to increase the longevity of your shadows. If you want your shadows to stay on longer and not crease then don't skip this step. For this I used a creamy eye shadow by No7. You can use any creamy eye shadow, a concealer or an eye shadow primer to do this.

2. Apply the gold using a flat eyeshadow brush press the colour all over your lids. This will reduce any chance of fall out especially when your dealing with glitter shadows! It's also the best way to intensify the colour.
3. Build up the crease! Using a slightly smaller eye shadow brush apply the grey/taupe colour to your crease. This will help to intensify the crease and is the perfect transition colour. If you want a more rounder look  then you should apply this colour from the tear duct until the end of the eyelid. But if you want a more cat eye look like me then just apply this to the outer 3/4 of the eye.

4. Intensify the crease! Using a small eyeshadow brush apply the brown shade from the palette directly on top of the grey colour you just applied. Make sure you blend this in well. If you've got a big gap between your eye and your eyebrow like me you're going to have to apply this slightly above the crease if not then just apply this in the crease. The more above the crease you apply the smaller your eye will look.

5. Smoke it out! Using a brush apply the black to the crease make sure you apply it 3/4 of the way in and blend. Intensify the black the most in the outer corner of your eye. You can do this by building up the colour gradually. Make sure you blend blend and blend! The more you blend the better the overall look will be!

6. Highlight! Using a small brush apply some white in the inner corner of your eye this will give the illusion that your eyes are a lot bigger. You can also take the same colour and highlight the brow bone (underneath your eyebrow).

7. Eyeliner! Now because this is a smokey eye I thought I'd use a pencil rather than a liquid liner. Apply the eyeliner on your upper eye lid. This really doesn't have to be neat at all because after applying use a brush to smudge the liner. The more messy and smudged it is the better it will look!

8. Lower lash! Apply eye liner inside your eye on the waterline. To add to the smokey effect add the same colours that you used at the top on the bottom lash line. Start with the white in the inner corner, then gold and finally black and blend well.

9. Mascara! Apply generous coats of mascara to both the top and lower lashes. I also decided to curl my lashes using a lash curler which is completely optional. You can also add falsies if you want a really dramatic look!

10. Touch up! Go over any colours that might have faded and make sure you blend well. Clean up any fallout from under the eyes and voila the look is finished!

So Jemples that is the end of my pretty straight forward tutorial. I really hope you like it and if you try it out do send me a picture so I can see how it looked. Like always please do comment and share and for any requests just email And I shall see you all in my next post bye bye xx

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