Thursday, 7 August 2014

My top 5 Fragrances

Heyyooo Jemples and welcome back to yet another post. This time I thought I'd do something a bit different considering it is Summer and we all tend to need a little something to help us to smell a bit nicer (well I definitely do!). So when I sat down today and thought about what post I should upload today it literally struck me, well it was bound to especially considering the endless amounts of perfume I was spraying on myself! I thought it would be nice to do my top 5 fragrances and let me just tell you this was pretty hard, I own a lot of perfumes so narrowing it down took a lot of time. But I've finally done it and let me just throw it out there that my fragrances tend to change depending on the season but these top 5 never do! Well that's enough babbling and let me get straight to it... I'm gonna start from the left (the picture above) and then make my way to the right these are in not in order of ranking.
1. Ted Baker Woman- So this was given to me pretty recently as a gift for Eid and without a doubt it has to be up there with my all time favourite fragrances. I absolutely love the smell and the best way I can explain it you is that it's a really light and fresh smell absolutely perfect for summer. I actually fell for the smell because it smelt a lot like febreeze but in a perfume version. Now that doesn't mean that you'll literally smell like febreeze but it means that you'll smell like fresh cotton with little hints of feminine musk.
2. Jimmy Choo Perfume- Now as far as I know this is the original one and again this was given to me as a gift quite some time back and you can probably judge by the bottle that I've used it quite a bit. It's actually perfect for all seasons because it's quite a fruity scent which makes it perfect for spring or summer but at the same time it's quite warm and rich in scent which makes it perfect for winter too. So it's a definite winner for me because it's an all rounder.
3. Hugo Boss Femme- Again this was another one of my Eid gifts this year and very quickly it's become my everyday scent and somewhat my trademark scent. This is the ultimate feminine scent which is why the name is Femme. It's a really delicate smell that's quite florally I mean you can really smell the rose. It's the perfect feminine scent and will compliment everyone and will definite get heads turning. So many people have asked me when I'm wearing it what perfume I'm wearing.
4. Versace Yellow Diamond- I know you're probably thinking Omg it's another gift but the fact is that a lot of these fragrances have been given to me as gifts and this was given to me by a special friend as a birthday gift last year. I wanted this for a really long time and trust me I wasn't disappointed at all. This smell is quite strong but I feel releases slowly during the day. I would say it's a sensual yet vibrant sense that would compliment everyone.
5. Lacoste love of pink- I bought this as a substitution for the Lacoste touch of pink which I was absolutely in love and to be honest I wasn't expecting that I would like this as much as the touch of pink but I was pleasantly surprised. You can tell by the bottle how much I reach out for it it's a very romantic and warm fragrance. And I absolutely love feminine scents so it's again a winner!
And that leads me to the end of this post. I hope you all enjoyed this slightly different post and like always please comment and spread the word. Also please please please request any suggestions you may have and I'll catch you all soon in my next post bye bye until next time Jemples xx

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