Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Funky Nails!

 Heeyooo Jemples and welcome back to another post. I really need to think of a better intro because I feel like I introduce my posts in the same way all the time! Well anyways I'm back with another post after exactly 7 days! I know a long time right and like always I'm really sorry I actually had a few blood tests to get done, a few visits to the dentist and basically a lot of pending work so I thought it would be best if I finished all that shzazzle off and then sit down to write up posts and with that I make a promise that I will start to upload more frequently and upload things that aren't always make-up based. Oooh I forgot to mention I actually passed my driving test so I'm now officially a driver well that's what my certificate says anyway! So as you all know it was Eid quite recently and I thought that I would share with all of you guys the nails that I wore on Eid, now by wearing nails I don't mean fake nails I mean my real nails with some extra bling added on to them. For all of you who are Asian particularly Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi you all probably know that this month and a few months after is completely crammed with weddings so this look is perfect to spice up any outfit. And for those of you who don't have to worry about the never ending wedding season this look is perfect for the summer! It's also quite a weird way of relaxing yourself because we all know tomorrow is the dreaded A Level Results day!! Cue the dramatic music! I wish all of you all the best and I hope you do really well and are pleased with whatever it is you end up getting or wherever you end up going!

Now for this look I used one particular product without which this look wouldn't ever be complete that is the Avon Sprinkle Nails. So I'm gonna quickly review this product and then get on to the look. This comes in 3 shades I'm not sure of the exact names of the other 2 but I do know that the shades are green and purple. The one that I used was in the shade Pink Confetti. When I saw this in the brochure I was instantly drawn to it just because it looked so effortless and it meant that you could achieve a professional manicure at home. Every girls dream right! Anyways it comes in a small container that's very sleek looking and there is quite a bit of product inside to last you a long time. It's very effortless to apply you literally just dunk you're wet nail into the pot and tap off the excess. I loved everything about the product the 3d finish, the texture and the fact that you could create endless designs with it. The only thing I didn't like is that it doesn't wear long I mean I wore mine for about 2 days and during those 2 days I must've at least re-did the tips about 4 times and by the end of the 2 days I was so fed up I just took it off completely. It does take a long time to come off you literally need to scrape it off. All in all despite the compliments I wouldn't be purchasing or even putting it on my nails again. I'm just glad I didn't purchase the other 2 shades!

Now back to the mini tutorial for this look I used 3 products a coat of colour this particular one is a peach shaded one from the amazing company Sinful Colours these last on your nails forever! The Avon Sprinkle Nails and the a top coat just to seal it all in.

1. Apply one coat of your chosen colour and let that dry.
2. Once it's dry apply another coat and whilst it's still wet dunk it into the pot and tap of the excess. You might need to press the beads onto your nails. You can choose which nails and how to apply it if you want to apply it just on the tips then take the help of sticky tape!
3. And step 3 which is completely optional apply a top coat I found that by applying this my nails lasted a bit longer but you will have to sacrifice the texture of the beads. By this I mean the beads do go a bit flat and don't stay fully 3d.

And you're done!! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini tutorial/review/an update on my life and I'll catch you all in my next post. Good luck to all those getting their results tomorrow and like always please comment and spread the word! Thank you so much bye x

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