Monday, 15 September 2014

Tanya Burr!

Helloooo Jemples and welcome back!!! So this post like the title states pretty obviously is all about the lovely Tanya Burr. Now between me and you I can honestly talk about her forever and words simply wouldn't be enough, she's one of my favourite youtubers and I basically just love her! She's just a packet of excitement and bubbliness waiting to explode! I've been watching her videos for a pretty long time now so like a lot of you Tanya fans out there I was sooo excited to find out that she was releasing her own brand of cosmetics Tanya Burr cosmetics yayyy!! Her line consists of lip glosses and nail varnishes which are just all so frickin amazing I'd love to buy them all! But money is an object in the real world so I'd rather not splash out the cash. These are pretty pricey as they retail at £6.99 so they are not the most affordable products out there considering a lot of Tanya's fans are quite young. Nevertheless with over 12 different shades these lip glosses have definitely become the talk of the town and I knew I had to get my hand on them!! So when I visited my local Superdrug I was in for quite the treat because they were on special offer for around £4.99. The first shade I picked up was Picnic in the park, there wasn't really a specific reason for the selection other than the fact that I've seen her wear it lots of her videos and it always looks so pretty. The other shade I picked up on a later trip was the colour Chic which is more of a nude and in my eyes the perfect nude!
 So they come in standard 8ml lip gloss sticks and have the shade written underneath, the size and the strength of the tube means they are perfect to carry around. It's quite a strong plastic which from far almost looks like glass so you're able to actually see the shade and not to forget it's really lightweight. You can tell that the whole product has been made with attention to detail and a lot of love x The lid I have to admit is one of my favourite parts of the product because it's got a little heart on the top of it! The applicator is really good, it's a flat dome shape which means that when you take it out of the stick to apply you'll have just the right amount of product on the applicator and not any excess gloss.
The colours are really pigmented and the colour payoff on the lips is surreal, this is one of the few products whose colour looks like it does in the bottle so you honestly get what you hoped for. The gloss is not sticky and is really hydrating, it has an awesome staying power I found that even after I ate the colour was on but you do definitely have to re apply during the day. Both these shades are really flattering on any skin tone and are just I guess really feminine. So this product gets a big thumbs up from me!! And with that said I'm going to end my post right here like always please like and share this post and well the whole blog. Like my facebook page for updates and I'll see you all pretty soon in my next post. Bye bye for now Jemples xx

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