Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hi Jemples welcome back, I'll be taking a break from the gift guide series just for today as I wanted to use todays post as a way to express my sincerest condolences for the families of all those innocent school-going children killed in yesterdays attack in Peshawar. Words cannot express how I'm feeling and how the rest of the world is also feeling. My prayers are with all those who are affected. Because I'm not the type to express through spoken words I thought it perhaps would be best for me to express through words instead. So I leave you all with a poem about dreams, about life and about death. Please do excuse the punctuation etc this was just a quick write to express my feelings.

The alarm rings its time for school

I head on downstairs to get some food, breakfast the most important meal of the day,

I’m greeted with a smile from dad and I look around for my mother

There she is with her hands raised praying for my success in today’s exam.

My parents dream was encompassed in that moment

Their happiness lived through me, an only child who they’d received after a lot of prayer.

My dad always said you’re mothers hands were always raised, praying for you to be born.


I put on my uniform feeling nothing less than a king

A king of dreams, a king of my parent’s dreams.

I head for the door determined not to be late for school

And my dad calls out to me, I walk towards him he crushes me against his chest

The tightest hug, he didn’t want to let me go.

And I look around for my mother

There she is with her hands raised praying for my success in today’s exam


I reach the bus and I’m greeted with smiles and hugs from all my friends,

We discuss the exam and how well we’d prepared.

I get out of the bus and walk towards the auditorium where the exam was to be held

My phone rings, it’s my dad he wishes me luck again

I ask him where my mother is, he says

There she is with her hands raised praying for your success.


I enter the auditorium and look around

Feelings of excitement as well as nerves shining throughout the hall,

Every single child representing a world of dreams

Their dreams, their parents dreams, the world’s dreams.

I start the paper and all I can think about is my mother and

 her hands raised praying for my success.


Halfway through the exam, the clocks ticking

Sweat trails down my face….BANG!

I can’t understand anything so many sounds, so many screams

I look around and all I can see is blood

Trails of blood everywhere I looked

Pools of blood everywhere I looked

I call out for my mother and all I could remember

Were her hands raised praying for my success.


Continuous bangs, continuous screams

I see a desk in the far corner, somewhere I can hide

And I hid, and I watched, and watched…

Hundreds of bodies shot and thrown

Teachers bombed and burned

The dreams of each person were now covered in blood

Dreams of parents, dreams of the world finished just like that.

I screamed for my mother to save me, but I bet she’s still at home

With her hands raised praying for my success.


More shots are fired more bodies are thrown

And I know it’s not long before it’s my turn

My body will be thrown and

My dreams, my parent’s dreams will go with me BANG!

And here I lie with so many others

I can hear my mother, I can see my mother there she is

With her hands raised crying over my death.


Jemima Wahid 17/12/2014






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