Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gifts #2

Hello Jemples and welcome back to another edition of the gift guide series. So todays gift is something that I personally have enjoyed for quite a while now, I'd say a good 4 weeks. It's not a typical gift but is something that anyone will love and appreciate. especially those with tired or dry hands like me. I'm talking about The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. For those who like to keep track of products and are quite active on the internet you'll know that this a highly raved about product. In fact its one of their best selling products and a product that the beauty bible loves!

I bought this product because I was suffering from really dry and chapped hands and I found that when I put them in water the skin around my nails, in particular, would peel off a lot more. I actually had never heard about this product until I went into the body shop and the lovely lady recommended it to me, thank you! I can definitely say that this has made a HUGE difference to my hands, they now stay moisturised all the time. In fact if I apply this in the morning it lasts right through to the evening time even if I wash my hands! The smallest amount is enough and as soon as you rub the product into your hands you'll notice a difference straight away guaranteed! This product retails at £11.00 for 100ml (which is the size in the pictures) lasts a really long time so you really do get your moneys worth. (there is also a smaller size available 30ml for £5.00)

However there are two downsides to this product for me personally. First would be the packaging, it looks like a paint tube and the more you use the more the packaging starts to shrivel up (kind of like how a toothpaste tube shrivels up). The packaging is also made of like a metal foil, almost aluminium, which means it pierces pretty easily so you can't put this in your bag to travel around with. And second the smell because this contains hemp seeds and oil it's pretty strong, when I first bought it I honestly couldn't stand the smell however it is one of those smells that grow on you. It certainly has for me!

Overall this is an amazing product perfect for any skincare fanatics, especially it also comes in a gift set which includes a lot of other amazing hemp products. It's also perfect for a stocking filler. And with that said I end my post here like always please, like my facebook page share and subscribe and I'll catch you all in my next post. Bye bye for now Jemples!

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