Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Gifts #4 Frozen inspired nails

Hellooo Jemples and welcome back to yet another series of the gift guide. Now this gift is not something that you would typically gift someone, in fact it's not something that you can physically wrap up instead it's something that you'd do for someone as a treat. What better gift to gift your mum, your sister, your aunt etc then a home manicure and that too a Disney Frozen inspired one!! So Jemples if you like this idea more than me and you just can't wait to get started then carry on reading..

This manicure is sooo simple to achieve and ombre nails are defo on trend at the moment along with frozen! So to achieve this look you'll first need to gather all the items needed (a white nail varnish, a blue nail varnish, purple and a pinky nail varnish as well as a clear topcoat, a makeup wedge, cotton bud preferably a cosmetic one with a point, nail varnish remover to clean up and scissors)

STEP 1: Apply one or two layers of the white nail varnish as a base coat. This will help to make the colours pop more, decide on how much layers of white based on the intensity of the colour. I used 2 coats.

STEP 2: Apply the three colours the blue, purple and pink directly onto the makeup wedge (remember the colour that you apply to the edge of the wedge will be the one at the bottom of your nail, in my case the pink colour was at the bottom of the nail and the blue colour was on the tip). Tip- if you're finding it difficult to apply the colours to the wedge cut the wedge according to the size of you're nail that way you'll know exactly how and where the colours will transfer onto your nails.
STEP 3: Dab the wedge onto the nail. This is how the first coat will look remember to wait until the first coat is completely dry before applying a second coat.
STEP 4: Apply the second coat using the same technique this will really make the colours more bold. It should look something like this ^

STEP 5: Finally use a cotton bud to clean up around the nail. (Top tip- cut the tip off the cotton bud when it starts to fray as this will make it more difficult to clean around the nail especially because the frayed part of the bud tends to be saturated so even if you dip it into more nail varnish remover it won't soak it up.) And apply a clear top coat, your frozen inspired nails are now complete!!
So Jemples like I said before defo try this out either on yourself (who says you can't gift yourself on Christmas I certainly do!) or treat a loved one to a very stylish manicure which will definitely get heads turning! And with that said I end my post here like always please share, comment and like my facebook page and I'll see you all really soon! Bye bye for now Jemples!!



  1. I like that am gonna try it out and get back to you with a feedback

  2. I like that am gonna try it out and get back to you with a feedback


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