Monday, 19 January 2015

University Life...

Helloo Jemples and welcome back to another post now this one is going to be a slightly different one in the sense that instead of doing my usual shiz I'm actually going to be talking to you all about life.. well university life to be precise. I promised this post and I've been putting it off intentionally just because I felt like I needed to experience university a bit more before being able to write a post on it, so now that it's end of the first semester I only felt it apt to write this post....

For all of you who don't know I am actually a first year university student and I'm currently studying LLB Law which in basic terms is a law degree. I made the choice to study law because as cliché as it sounds I always wanted to study law for the longest time, the whole idea of learning law, applying it and practicing it was always mesmerising to me and the best part of the whole scenario was the fact that I could actually imagine myself doing so. Because I was in a school where law wasn't taught as a gcse I never could get experience in what it was like to study law, so I waited and waited until I reached college so that I could study it as an A level. I had to admit for me the thought of studying the subject I loved so much was electrifying but also scary at times because the thought of it not being what I wanted and expected it to be was always in the back of my mind. Anyhoo fast forward to when I was doing my A levels I honestly enjoyed the 2 years I studied law soo much I mean I would find different ways to learn the law whether that was colourful notes or my cherished posters, I just knew that I had to find a way to make it enjoyable and well easier for myself. It is a known fact that studying law isn't easy at any stage and I gotta admit at times I did find my A level years quite challenging especially memorising case principles, essays and being able to write concisely as there was limited time to answer questions because before answering it was necessary to spend the time analysing the question. So it did honestly take me time to strike that balance but when I did I found that I enjoyed myself sooo much and that was reflected in my high grades! Get in there!
Fast forward again to now like I said I am currently studying law and if I'm really honest I didn't really know what to expect in fact I remember in the first few weeks of me starting I was so overwhelmed I didn't even feel like I wanted to carry on I just felt like it wasn't what I expected. I think surroundings, atmosphere, lecture rooms all played a part in making feel like that. It did take me a few weeks to find my feet but now I enjoy myself so much. Honestly the jump from A levels to university to is huge and whoever said university years are easy needs to honestly realise what they were even saying! But finding time and keeping a balance is utmost necessary, a balance between social life, studying, writing up notes, assignments needs to be perfect for you to make the most out of your university life. And honestly you'll feel a lot more happier! I'm loving what I'm studying at the moment because the world of law is really fascinating (well It can get boring at times but only slightly!) and I can't wait to see where life takes me next!
Anyways Jemples I end my post here do let me know if you'll like an even in depth post about what it's like to study law and i'll make a post just about law if that's what you really want. Like always please share this blog and don't forget to follow either on bloglovin or via google connect both links are on the right hand side of this blog >>>
And I'll catch you all in my next post pretty soon bye bye for now Jemples! xx

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