Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Poundland Haul!

Hellooo Jemples! Now this post I've gotta admit was quite spontaneous, not planned at all! For all of you who don't already know poundland stock quite a bit of makeup, at first they didn't stock well known brands they were just the average junk that they passed off as makeup, however recently they have started to stock a lot of brands in particular Rimmel London. So you can obviously expect how excited any person would get and in particular if that person is a makeup-holic like me eeeep! So if you guys wanna know what I managed to pick up for a pound then carry on reading....

So the first items I picked up were two lipglosses from Rimmel London. The first one was a vinyl gloss which basically means that it has a lot of shine, so even though the gloss looked like it had a lot of colour in the tube it was actually really sheer I mean it did have a bit of colour but not much. Quite disappointing because I actually fell for the baby pink colour but I'm not complaining I still love it! The second one is stay glossy 3D which is supposed to last for 16 hours. OMG can I just take a moment to admire the packaging its gorgeous and the colour is equally gorgeous! Obviously with it being a gloss its not going to be opaque in colour it is quite sheer, but its not as sheer as the first one, but the colour is soo gorgeous and its defo a spring appropriate shade.
The next few products are all nail polishes, now I've just picked one from each brand because I honestly have so much from poundland! The first brand is Rimmel London now unlike the glosses I've seen this in every single store where there's a makeup counter these normally retail at around £2.99 or higher. These are the Rimmel 60 second nail polishes. I love these!
Next up is actually from poundlands own makeup range. Makeup forever and this a glitter polish! I literally have been obsessed with glitter atm so this was another glittery item to add to my collection. Yipeee! These are amazing and long lasting the only downside is they do take a lot of time to dry.

The next 2 are brands that I've seen around mainly in Boots. I absolutely adore both of these and these are honestly such a bargain. They are very long lasting and a neutral glitter like this can be put on top of any shade to add a little bit of sparkle!

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