Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Zoeva Mixed Metals Palette :)

Helloo Jemples and welcome to todays post! So todays post is a review of the Zoeva mixed metals palette, now I actually received this as a birthday gift from a dear friend way back in February so you guys can only imagine how excited I got! I mean make-up and that too as a gift yes please!
This palette retails at £17.50 and is available here .
So is it worth the price and does it live up to its name? Now this palette unlike many other brands/palettes out there does not include a brush, a mirror nor does it have plastic or metal packaging. But to be honest it doesn't need any of that because this palette is simply out of this world amazing! Zoeva honestly has to be one of those brands out there that is not widely recognised for its palettes but rather for its brushes, which I haven't had the opportunity to try. So when I first received this palette I was really intrigued by what it had to offer, I mean I'd read a few reviews about it but unless you try something yourself your not really satisfied if you know what I mean.
The Packaging
Well anyways, this palette comes in an outer sleeve made out of sturdy cardboard which has the design of the palette on it too. The design itself is quite appealing, I absolutely love the pale peach colour and the way that the name of the palette is written in silver but most of all I love the font that's used both in the inside and outside of the palette. On the back of the palette the ingredients are written quite surprisingly the shadows actually have metal in them! As well as some very useful info about the shadows themselves which include: no parabens, no mineral oils, no fragrances and includes vitamin e. Oh and it's also very slim and lightweight perfect to carry around with you!
The Shadows

OMG i'm not even going to babble on and on, i'm just gonna get straight to the point these shadows are seriously pigmented and are definitely a match for the bigger more luxury brands out there. In fact in the pictures I literally swiped my finger across the shadow once! the formula of the shadows is fab they feel very velvety- like and really smooth which definitely makes the product more easy to blend and apply. They last for a really long time and do not crease in the slightest. All but one of the shadows are shimmery and include a two tone, true to the name metal effect. I seriously am so impressed by the colours, the formula and the pigmentation that I find myself reaching for this palette a lot especially for special occasions.

I'd defo rate this product 5 out of 5 because for me it includes everything I'd ever want from an eyeshadow palette and much much more and I cannot wait to get hands on some more. So Jemples go check out the Zoeva palettes and purchase one for yourself or for someone dear and trust me you'll be so impressed!
Jemima xx

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