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Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks review...

Heyoo Jemples and welcome back to Jemima's world! In today's post I thought I'd review the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks since I'm slightly obsessed with them. For those of you who don't know what Maybelline is it's actually a drugstore brand which in my opinion is one of the best drugstore brands. I honestly stand by that statement 100% because the quality that Maybelline gives with it's products is simply amazing considering they are a fraction of the price of high end brands. Now I've actually been a fan of Maybelline for as long as I can remember which is why I think I have such a big collection of their lipsticks *oopsies confessions of a splurger* well I like to think that anyways it's nothing to do with my spending habits ok don't judge me! So if you'd like to know what I thought about their lipsticks in quite some detail then please keep on reading...

So I bit of background story is obviously due before I start, like I said before Maybelline is one of those brands that I absolutely love whether it's their mascaras, their foundations, their concealers and their lipsticks you name it I love everything this brand has to offer! So it's not everyday where you stumble across a product and it immediately reminds you of a high end product especially when some of the shades are oh so similar, but obviously the huge difference is the price a Maybelline lipstick will set you back 6-7 pounds whereas a high end one will set you back 20 pounds and plus! 

Before I go into the shades one by one I'm just going to do a general review on the whole Maybelline ColorSensational range.

Lasting power- These lipsticks actually last for a really long time, in fact their lasting power really compared to some of my higher end lipsticks which definitely was a pleasant surprise. It was this that sucked me into buying more and more! Obviously some last longer than others it all depends on the finish, I personally feel that the newly released Matte shades last a lot longer than the shimmery ones. I do find that after eating I occasionally feel the need to top up the shade. But all in all the lasting power is amazing!

Packaging- Need I say I'm sure that you all can see or have purchased one of these once in your life and you'd agree with me that the packaging is on point! It's very sleek, pretty and compact. 

Shade Range- I honestly can say that Maybelline offers a huge range of these lipsticks and they are always coming out with new collections, so which ever shade you're looking for you are bound to find it whether thats something more dramatic or something nude.

Price- £6.99-£7.99 

So overall I would rate and recommend these lipsticks very highly!

SHADE 630 (Velvet Beige)- this shade is a very soft brown and is part of the natural range. It's a very complimentary shade that would suit any skin tone and in my opinion compares to shades like MAC Velvet Teddy and Whirl.

SHADE 758 (Naked Brown)- This shade is also part of the natural range and is definitely a few shades darker than the shade above. It's a perfect fall colour and very complimentary, In my opinion this shade is very similar to MAC Film Noir and just as good.

SHADE 955 (Craving Coral MATTE)- This shade is part of the newly released Matte range and you can really see in the image when compare to the other lipsticks this is indeed very matte. It's a beautiful reddish orange shade and again very complimentary on most skin tones.

SHADE 338 (Midnight Plum)- This shade is perfect for this time of the year and true to it's name it's a very deep plum shade which I would say compared to the others has very less shimmer. It's definitely one of the deeper shades and would compare to a MAC Rebel.

SHADE 168 (Petal Pink)- This is probably one of the only pinks I own from this whole range. I don't know why but I was instantly drawn to the colour and I'm so glad I picked it up. True to it's name its a beautiful, delicate baby doll pink!

SHADE 365 (Plum Passion)- This shade is not as intense as midnight plum but is equally as beautiful. Definitely one of the more wearable shades!

SHADE 547(Pleasure Me Red)- This shade is definitely my favourite out of the lot, It's one of those classic reds which make you feel so glam and special defo can't go wrong with this one!

SHADE 538 (Ravishing Rose)- Definitely in the middle of a coral and a red. This is a beautiful cherry red which is amazing for a more subtle look as it's not as intense as a classic red.

SHADE 975 (Divine Wine)- This shade is also part of the newly released Matte Range and can I just say how beautiful it is visually *sigh*. Trust me it's as beautiful in real life, a gorgeous shade again perfect for this time of the year. 

Soo Jemples that's the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed this review do comment and let me know which shade is your favourite and if you recommend any shades. Like always please share and subscribe and follow me on all my social media I'm on facebook and Instagram.

Lots of love

Jemima xxx


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  2. Being a fan of the Maybelline Brand and their products, I can say that I will definately be purchasing these ColourSentional Matte Lipsticks from the drugsotre. Actually, quite excited to try them out. Love, the Velevet baige and Pleasure Me Red from this Matte lipstick range; definately will consider myself buying these two!! Eeekk, so excited to give them a test.


    Thankyou for reviwin these, really helped.

    Khadija :) X

  3. Awww glad you enjoyed the review Khadija comments like this make me smile :) Make sure you let me know how the lipsticks and shades are for you!

    Lots of love

    Jemima xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words xxx

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