Saturday, 26 December 2015

2015 favourites #number2concealers

Hellloo Jemples and welcome to number 2 of my favourites for 2015! I will regularly be uploading these posts in the countdown to the new year and you will be able to see what makeup favourites I have been loving throughout the year! These posts are also going up on both my Instagram and Facebook pages so if you've come from my social media a very big hello to you and if you haven't then what are you waiting for follow me!

Todays post is all about concealer love and I'm sure you can tell just how much I love this product by the picture. Yes there's only one! If you want to know why I love this concealer so much then click the read more button....

So I have to admit I was definitely late on the bandwagon with this product, I honestly never thought I'd need a concealer for everyday purposes in my life. However that's when reality started to kick in, a student without under eye circles is definitely unheard of and unfortunately that combined with late nights, caffeine and doing notes on the computer for hours on end led to dark circles.

So when I embraced the reality I went on the hunt for a decent concealer that would not just cover up my dark circles but neutralise them too and that's when I bumped into this concealer. Now me being me instead of trying it first I bought 2 because they were so hard to find! Although I didn't really like this product at the start I most definitely have started to love it more and more. It neutralises, covers and lasts all day without creasing (with some setting powder).

I feel this concealer does a fab job which is why it's definitely my holy grail product for 2015, if you haven't tried it yet then just go and try it you'll thank me later.

So Jemples that's the end of the post, as I've said at the beginning of this post please follow me on all my social media (links are in the contact me tab) as well as subscribing to my blog so you know what's going on in my life and when I upload new posts. Also use the #jemimasworld2015faves to share what your favourite concealer/s have been I'd love to see them!

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