Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 favourites #number6brows

Hellloo Jemples and welcome to number 6 of my favourites for 2015! I will regularly be uploading these posts in the countdown to the new year and you will be able to see what makeup favourites I have been loving throughout the year! These posts are also going up on both my Instagram and Facebook pages so if you've come from my social media a very big hello to you and if you haven't then what are you waiting for follow me!

Todays post is all about those brows! Yes 2015 was definitely a year of brows and people all around the world, including myself, went on the hunt for those all important brow products that would instantly give us fuller thicker brows. If you would like to see what those products were then click the read more button....
Brows, brows, brows everyone everywhere in 2015 was talking about brows. Now I've gotta admit this trend sucked me in oh so quickly, in fact I remember I without thinking jumped on the bandwagon and as a result I've got one heck of a funny brow story! Too thick brows, too thin brows, drawn up sharpie brows, a drawn on unibrow you name it I've gone through it all!

And its because of this , at times scarring experience, I've stumbled across a lot of brow products throughout the year and I've managed to narrow them down for you. All these products are from the drugstore because if you fill in your brows everyday like me, you most probably are not looking to put on £100 brows just to wipe off at the end of the day!

  1. Rimmel Brow this way- now this product is a tinted brow gel and although I was rather hesitant at first to add this to my brow routine I'm so glad I did. This product is so easy to use and perfect for adding a nice colour to your brows, I find with this product I very rarely get it wrong. My brows stay in place, look natural and most importantly it saves me masses of time!
  2. Rimmel Eyebrow pencil- this is the perfect accompaniment to the brow gel, seriously these two products combined together are a match made in heaven! I reach for this combo everyday and its because of these two products I know feel a lot more comfortable with my brows. This pencil is really easy to use, has good pigmentation, is long lasting and most importantly is so easy to blend. In love!
  3. The BodyShop brow pencil- so this was a pretty recent addition to my brow routine and although it was given to me as a gift I most definitely would purchase this again. This is a lot softer then the rimmel pencil but it works wonders. It really manages to get in between all the brow hairs and has amazing pigmentation. I love to add this to give a bit of dimension to my brows and to lighten up any dark areas.
These 3 products combined literally make my brows come to life! Amazing!

So Jemples that's the end of the post, as I've said at the beginning of this post please follow me on all my social media (links are in the contact me tab) as well as subscribing to my blog so you know what's going on in my life and when I upload new posts. Also use the #jemimasworld2015faves to share what your favourite brow products have been I'd love to see them!

Jemima xx

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