Wednesday, 1 June 2016

LA Girl Pro Conceal Review...

So I'm sure everyone's heard about the colour correcting trend that is dominating social media at the moment. They have either jumped on board the bandwagon or have been taken back by all the vibrant colours that they would never think of putting on their face. I for certain have been loving colour correcting and it has really changed my makeup game.....

For all of you who don't know what colour correcting is don't worry! Colour correcting is a technique that is relatively new on social media but has been used by makeup artists and celebrities for quite some time. In order to colour correct you just have to look at the colour wheel, first look at the colour that you are trying to correct and then look at the colour on the wheel that is directly opposite that. Red/orange/peach is to neutralize darkness, greens are too neutralize redness, yellows are to highlight and lavender is to brighten up any dull areas on the face.

LA Girl is a brand that was quite new to me just like colour correcting, it is an extremely affordable brand that unfortunately is not easily available in the UK. I managed to find mine from Cocktail Cosmetics and they are now also sold on Beauty Bay. I got the colour correcting shades as well as the shade toast to use as a contour. It is a brand that has been raved about in the beauty world particularly because of its concealers, so what did I think about these concealers?


1. The Formula
These concealers unlike other drugstore concealers are extremely high/full coverage. They have the ability to cover up without having to use much product at all. I've been using these concealers for months now and I don't even think I've reached half way. Even though they're quite thick I find them extremely easy to blend out especially when I use them for contour.

2. The packaging
I love the fact that they are in squeezy tubes. It not only makes them really hygienic but it also means you can control the amount of product that comes out because the tubes have this brush at the top. The product when squeezed gets deposited in the brush which makes it really easy to use and control the product. The size of the tube is quite small which makes it perfect for travelling and storing.

3.The price
These retail at £5.00 which means they are a lot cheaper then many drugstore brands and like I mentioned before a little product goes a really long way so it really does mean that you are getting your moneys worth.

4. The lasting power
These concealers last a heck of a lot of time. They don't crease(if set with powder) or slip and slide on your face. I've used these for special occasions which last for well over 7 hours and they looked just as fresh as they did when I applied them at the beginning of the day. They also photograph really well!


1.The Formula
These are extremely thick and high coverage and although they blend really well, the thickness of the formula means the dry really fast. This means that you have to act really fast when you apply these and have to really quickly set them with powder if you want them to last long. I find that its necessary to set these with powder otherwise they do crease. I also found that the thickness varies depending on the shade, the contour shade for me was not thick at all.

2. The colour payoff
The colours of the correcting shades are really intense. The orange and green shades are quite bright which means that they don't really blend into the skin seamlessly, you need a really high coverage concealer on top of them if you really want to mask the colours.

The rating 9/10
I really liked the packaging and formula of these products. Although the colour correcting shades are really pigmented they are quite easy to work with and if you use the a high coverage concealer on top they really do their job. I love the fact that you are getting such a heavy coverage with a concealer that only costs £5.00! 

If you've used any products from the range then please comment down below to let me know how you got on with them. Also please make sure you follow me on instagram (click on the images on the right to see what recent posts I've made on there) and subscribe to my blog/bloglovin. Thank you!

Jemima xx

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