Saturday, 4 June 2016

LA Girl vs MUA loose powder review...

Loose powder is all the craze at the moment, whether you're using it to bake your under eyes or using it to mattify your lips its everywhere and whether you love it or hate it, this is definitely a craze that's here to stay.....

It's only natural that all brands whether drugstore or high end jumped aboard the craze and release their own versions of loose powder. 2 such brands are MUA and LA Girl, I was extremely excited to see both these brands come out with loose powders because it meant that I could finally own a more affordable loose powder which was easily available. I personally use loose powder a lot in my makeup routine I just find that it makes my skin looked more airbrushed and not cakey in specific areas such as my under eyes. I also use it occasionally to make my lipsticks matte and last a lot longer, all I do is dab a pea sized amount on the centre of my lips. And when I want a really glam look to last all day I use it to bake my face, I personally like a translucent powder rather than a coloured one to do this, all I do is take quite a bit of powder on a sponge and place it in the areas where my makeup is likely to slip and slide. I then let it sit for a while and brush it away and hey presto your face is baked! Because baking requires quite a bit of powder and loose powder is so universal it's always a plus point when you find a powder thats good but also cheap. So what did I think of the drugstore's take on loose powders?


1.The price
Obviously this was definitely one of the plus points. The MUA loose powder retails at £3.00 and the LA Girl Pro Powder retails at £5.00. You definitely get a lot of powder for the price and compared to the likes of similar high end powders (Laura Mercier retails at £29.00) you are definitely saving a lot of money.

2. The LA Girl Pro Powder
I really liked the consistency of the LA Girl Powder its extremely finely milled and is really comparable to high end ones. It applies really effortlessly, blends really well into the skin and is a colourless/translucent powder which means it can be used universally without changing the colour of the makeup underneath. This powder lasts really long on the skin and works perfectly in the areas where makeup is always slipping and sliding especially on my oily skin. It also photographs really well!

3.The Packaging
Both of these products are packaged really nicely, I do prefer the colours of the LA Girl one, however they are both compact which makes them perfect to store and travel with. I like the fact that they are both made out of a strong, durable plastic and both have plastic in between that has holes in it so you can really control the amount of product that comes out and minimise fall out.


1. The MUA loose powder
I honestly did not like this product at all. I was firstly dissapointed that although the shade is translucent the powder is actually coloured which means that you can't use it as universally as the LA Girl one. The consistency of this product is quite lumpy and the powder is not finely milled, this means that I often have lumps of product on my face if I don't break the pieces of powder beforehand. I found that it creased under my eyes and didn't help to brighten them, it did work ok in other areas on my face but again it didn't last as long as the LA girl one. When I used this on my lips it really stinged and completely changed the colour of my lipstick.

The rating 10/10 for the LA Girl Pro Powder this honestly works like a dream and I am so shocked to have found such a good powder at the drugstore! I would highly recommend this.

The rating 3/10 for the MUA loose powder I found that this applied really patchy and was definitely not translucent at all. It didn't work well on my under eyes and didn't last long in other areas of my face.

If you've used any of these 2 products then please comment down below to let me know how you got on with them. Also please make sure you follow me on instagram (click on the images on the right to see what recent posts I've made on there) and subscribe to my blog/bloglovin. Thank you!

Jemima xx

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