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Barry Lip Kit Review

Hey guys guess who's back after flipping forever! I'm sitting here typing this and I feel so guilty for neglecting my blog and my social media over the past few months because I know how many of you look forward to reading my posts. But fear not for Jemima is back!! *fingers crossed* I've got a ton of new make-up to share with you guys so pleased stay tuned and follow me on my Instagram if you are not already, as you can see all the pictures and things I post are on the right hand of your screen and I would love for you to join our little Instagram family! Intro over let's get onto the review. 

Today I am reviewing the brand new Barry M lipkits which launched a few weeks ago, I actually got my hands on them the day they launched in Superdrug. Well to be honest I ordered 2 shades and went to Superdrug swatched the only shade I didn't have and bought it- I couldn't leave it behind! These are limited edition and include a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick (a similar idea to the Kylie lipkits which a lot of drugstore brands are releasing now) and retail for £6.99. So if you would like to know what I thought of these then please keep reading...

So I'm not going to lie the reason it took me a few weeks to post this review was because I had a love hate relationship with them. When I initially wore them I loved all the shades and then after a week I hated them and now I've started to love them again! So I just wanted to make sure I was in a right position to review them for you guys. 

These lipkits come in 3 shades: Runway, Pose, and my personal favourite Go to Nude

My first impressions were the packaging of the lip liner, in particular, looks very similar to Kylie Cosmetics. I also was quite shocked that the shades don't look the same as the colour of the box, in particular Runway and Pose. I loved the size of the product and the box means it's very compact and neat because the products don't move around inside (a problem that I usually face with my Kylie lip kit). 

The packaging itself consists of some instructions on the back as well as the shade name on the top of the box and the colour of the box is similar to the shade inside.

The lasting power of these lip kits is quite incredible. When I initially swatched these on my wrist it took me at least 3 makeup wipes to get them off my wrist and there was still bits of my product left on my wrist! Surprisingly they are a lot easier to remove from your lips! They last for an awfully long time on the lips especially if you put the lipliner underneath and then apply the liquid lipstick on top. However this is only up until the point you eat and drink, I found on numerous occasions, they started to crumble off after I had ate and drank, I tested the lasting power with the lipliner, without it and just the lipliner on its own. The lipliner lasts a lot longer in comparison!  All in all I think I probably get about 4-5 hours wear if I don't eat or drink for that long! 

The application itself is quite easy and the liquid lipstick has a really moussey texture. The lip liner is probably my favourite part of application, it reminds me a lot of MAC lipliners. And you can quite easily top your lips up during the day without the product feeling too heavy.

I did however find that after a few hours these feel extremely dry on the lips, even when I applied a balm underneath. They feel a lot better when you apply a balm on top but that obviously defeats the purpose of matte lips! 

They also take at least 2 minutes to completely dry after you have applied them and I was quite shocked to see, when I first swatched them, that the colour dries a lot different to the initial swatch. As you can see by the pictures below. But I'm not complaining I prefer the colour of them after they dry.
Top to bottom- Go To Nude, Runway, Pose

Top to bottom- Pose, Runway, Go To Nude

Out of all 3 shades my favourite is definitely the shade go to nude. I don't think I dislike any of these shades and I find that I reach to shades like this quite often. All in all Barry M have done a fab job in creating such a nice shade range, as well as creating these affordable lip kits and almost nailing the formula. My overall rating would be 7/10 and if you would like to buy these for yourselves they are available from Boots (click here) and Superdrug (click here). Superdrug currently has a free gift when you spend £8 on Barry M cosmetics and Boots has a free gift when you spend £7! Amazing!

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Jemima xx

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