Friday, 5 September 2014

So Simple!

Well Helloooo there all my Jemples! I cannot apologise enough for the sudden AWOL! I just was soo busy and I know it's really bad but I kinda started to neglect my blog because I just had so much other things to do. I guess I never really found the time in between the never ending wedding season and a lot of eventful events which is just going to lead me on to rambling more so I'm just going to get straight in. So this post is kinda an update as well as a really simple winged liner tutorial. I'll start with the update so it never really hit me about how long it's been since I've uploaded any shazazzle on this blog until Facebook sent me a message about the new page I've started and told me that I should well basically upload things a lot more. Ooopsies! So I've promised not to neglect and instead of carefully planning what to upload I'm going to upload some planned posts and some really random ones too. Which of course is going to happen a lot more regularly *fingers crossed* and for the all the exclusive updates and some extras please go and like my Facebook page!

Now back to this post I'm gonna admit this was a kinda random post which came about from a compliment I received from a reader about the make-up look that I had uploaded before this one (blue eyes) they were really liking the colours that I had chosen as well as the winged liner look that I'd used. They were really impressed about the precision of the liner and thought it was really hard to achieve. So I sat down and thought to myself it's really not that hard maybe I should upload a really simple tutorial showing all of you how so simple it is! (Yes! I linked the title to the post!) This is literally 5 easy steps. For this winged liner look or cat eye look whichever you prefer to call it I used a liquid liner. In particular I used the collection fast stroke eyeliner. Now this product I absolutely swear by it's just amazing! I use it everyday of my life without fail! What I love about this eyeliner is the actual brush it's a small brush compared to other liquid liners that have really long thin applicators which means that people often find it hard to achieve precision. It's defo not helpful for those people who are starting out new and aren't as comfortable with liquid liner because the long applicators mean less control. The applicator in the collection eyeliner is very easy to control so it's perfect for beginners or even more experienced people because it means you can create a variety of looks.

So like always I'm going to quickly talk you through the tutorial. Just so you know what the hell I'm on about in each picture.

STEP 1: Using your liquid liner make 4 dots on your eyes. Starter from the inner to the outer corner and keep it close to your lash line. This will act as a guide and will make sure that you're liner is equal when you apply it.


STEP 2: Dot to dot! Start to join up the dots making sure that you follow the guide you made using the dots quite closely. A good tip is to start from the outer corner and then make your way in this will prevent any smudging.
STEP 3: Thickness! Once you've joined up the lines it's time to adjust the thickness to the way you prefer. To give the illusion of a cat eye make the outer third of your liner thicker than the inner section. A good tip is to ensure that there is plenty of product on the applicator this will help prevent any bumpy lines!
STEP 4: Keeping your eyes open make a line going diagonally. Remember the longer the line the longer the wing. This will be the basis of your wing. Top tip to make sure that both eyes have an even wing use your lower lash line as a guide to draw the line from.

STEP 5: Triangles! Connect the line you just drew to the liner on the lid. This should make a precise triangle and all you've gotta do now is fill the triangle in! Apply mascara and some liner at the bottom of your eyes and you're good to go!!

And I'm going to end this post right here! I really hope that like all my other posts you found this post useful. This is a perfect look to wear either everyday or to an occasion. It's easily adjustable so you can really go all out with a dramatic wing liner or keep it so simple! (see I did it again!) Like always please comment and share this post with everyone you know except for your pets unless they can read! Please please please like my facebook page for all the exclusive updates and I will see you all really soon!! Bye bye for now Jemples!

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